Top 5 Basic Pregnancy Tips For First Time Mums

When I was pregnant with my first child I’ve read every book, article and blog post coming to my way. Whilst I felt I cannot be prepared enough, the information tsunami was truly overwhelming. Dr. Google is not always your best friend and there’s also a lot of conflicting advices out there. I attended an NCT new parent course too (WE attended, dads are also welcome) and I found that very good. It was very useful. My second pregnancy wasn’t that stressful. Although, I developed gestational diabetes, it was kept under control. All in all, I was more experienced and I fairly confidently used what I’ve learned with baby number one.

So, I thought I share my top 5 pregnancy tips.

1. Nutrition 


Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, food rich in protein, calcium and fiber. (I am a vegetarian but I ate meat when I was pregnant.) Drink plenty of water (even if it results even more toilet visits), you’ll need 8-10 glasses a day. Herbal teas are great too.


Don’t eat raw fish, raw eggs or anything undercooked or pink. Mold-ripened soft cheese, like blue cheese. Liver or patè can contain too much vitamin A. Avoid deli meat, it can contain raw bits. Limit salmon, tuna and seafood to only once a week, they might contain mercury. Don’t drink more than 200mg caffeine daily, and avoid it completely in the first 12 weeks. Don’t drink alcohol, sugary soda drinks, unpasteurised milk.

Remember, you’re not eating for two. You’ll need an extra 350-500 calories per day in the second and the third trimester.

Take only vitamins designed for pregnant women and folic acid (necessary until 12th week).

2. Exercise 

Prenatal yoga, pilates, breathing exercises, pelvic floor exercises or swimming, practising kegels are all a great way to stay physically and mentally fit as well as prepare your body and mind for giving birth. Flexibility is the key. I regularly did gentle yoga and pelvic floor exercises and needed no stitches on both occasions.

3. Beware of everyday risks

Stop using chemicals, and don’t get into direct contact with them, not even inhaling. No heavy lifting, climbing on ladders, standing for a long time. Avoid changing pet litter, especially cat litter, wear gloves when gardening. Avoid sun exposure if possible and wear sunscreen. Your skin is more vulnerable thanks to the pregnancy hormones and you can develop dark brown and blotchy spots. I wasn’t careful enough, still got them.

4. Keep track of your antenatal appointments.

One thing is for sure: pregnancy brain will strike and without making notes or reminders you’ll forget things. Antenatal appointments are important for you and the baby and so are the vaccinations. If you have the chance enroll to a first time parent course, do it. (Both you and your partner) Even better if you have time for first aid course. It’s a piece of mind and I also made friends with my classmates.

5. Make plans but remain flexible

All pregnancies are different. Some women gets morning sickness, some don’t. Every labour experience is different. Some women seem to “bounce back” to pre-pregnancy size, others experience difficulties loosing the excess weight. Write a birth plan, it prepares you mentally, and be aware of the signs when you need to call your doctor.

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Hartmann Direct

Chocolate Ice Cream With Macabella And Yogurt

I do like a summer treat, especially chocolate ice cream. Well, not only in summer. Anytime. But it has to be chocolate ice cream. Just like with any other desserts, I'm quite picky: sugary lemon and vanilla  flavours just won't do it for me. Making ice cream at home is not too complicated and it can be prepared without a machine, which I always prefer as assembling, cleaning then putting away again takes up some extra time. This one is a no cook and no churn recipe, practically effortless thanks to the ingredients. There aren't too many of those either. Wait, that's not all: it's a teeny bit healthier too.

It's healthier, because I used plant based yogurt, a little bit of coconut sugar and Macabella Chocolate Spread. I used the crunchy spread and the chopped macadamia pieces added some extra texture and lovely crunchiness to it. You can, of course swap the yogurt for cow's milk yogurt, I'm just trying to cut down on our dairy intake.


1 jar (375g) Macabella Crunch Spread

500ml vegan yogurt

3 heaped tsp of quality cocoa powder

1 heaped tbsp of coconut sugar

2 tsp of vanilla extract


Put all ingredients into a bowl and simply combine with a wooden spoon. Yeah, that's it. It's easy as both the yogurt and the chocolate spread is very soft and creamy. Pour the mixture into a freezer safe dish and put it in the freezer for a minimum of 4 hours. I left it for overnight. It takes longer time for the soft ingredients to freeze properly. Take it out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving. I preferred it very cold, I liked the icy texture of it.

Tip: use coconut yogurt to create a really exotic flavour!


This recipe was sponsored by Macabella Choc' Macadamia Spreads


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Review: Sheaqueous Cream With Organic Shea Butter

I never really used any body moisturiser until recently. Unfortunately, all the glowingly tanned looks throughout the summers slowly, but visibly started to take their tolls. My skin gets dry and I even started to develop dark sun spots. Oh well. I love the sun, always did. I need a few weeks of constant sun every year. Not just my body, my soul craves it too.


Using a natural moisturiser, which works well, has became essential, especially in the summer months. I tested Sheaqueous Cream with Organic Shea Butter in the last week, which is a natural aqueous body butter for very dry skin containing no added fragrance. It’s enriched with almond and cocoa butter as well as vitamin E. It’s made of pure, unrefined organic shea butter as a base. It’s PH balanced and toxicologically assessed, which means it’s even safe to use for babies, children and pregnant women.

I primarily used Sheaqueous after my morning shower, and it really felt nice, and neutral on my skin, nourishing and rich at the same time. (I don’t like fragranced body products, they all feel so synthetic, like having a dip in fabric softener.) The hydration lasted all day. I also tried it on my heels, where I always have extremely dry skin during summer as I love walking on barefoot. Again: very positive results, especially applying the body butter after a good scrub.

Secondly – as they claim that it’s suitable for eczema prone and very sensitive skin – we’ve also tried it on my toddler’s face. He developed eczema as a baby but with carefully chosen natural products it has been cleared now. However, on his face, on both sides, just below his cheeks, he often gets rashes because of various things like wiping his nose with his sleeves, smearing food or drinks over that area, etc. I normally treat it with a plain moisturiser for sensitive skin. So, we tested Sheaqueous on this excessively sensitive area of his skin, and it worked very effectively.

My favourite things about Sheaqueous Cream:

  • Very effective after sun care
  • Especially good for dry and sensitive skin
  • Helps with cracked heels
  • The whole family can use it
  • Cruelty free and ethically produced
  • No petrochemicals, paraffin or parabens

Just the way I like it. I’m always happy to promote organic and natural products as I believe they are better for us and also for the planet.

The only thing I disliked is the packaging, because to me it resembles some kind of a household cleaning product, but, as they say, what matters is what’s inside.

I have received this product for my honest and unbiased review. I can highly recommend it to anyone as it really worked for me.

Legoland Windsor Visit – Day Out With A Toddler

We’ve been planning the visit to Legoland for ages, but we thought that Bobcat might be just too young being under three. Both mummy and daddy are hardcore Lego fans (even granddad!) so we also really looked forward to the day since we we booked the tickets.

Upon arrival, at 10 am on a Saturday morning, term time, we were already directed to the overflow parking area, which is a long walk to the entrance, around 10-15 minutes (you can pay double the price to park closer of course, now we know what that means). We booked tickets online and collected them at the cashier when we got there, another 25-30 minutes queuing. We managed to actually get inside just after 11 am. When you have a young (freshly toilet trained) child (and a baby) on a day out with you, you really need to be time conscious, and plan your visit. Well, next time.

Since we were late arriving, we decided just to spend our time around Mini Land and Duplo Valley, they are located next to each other in the otherwise vast place. Man. Miniland was the biggest hit. In case, you haven’t been, this is the bit often identified as the True Legoland: famous UK and global land marks are built of Lego bricks. Mini London, Mini Scotland, Mini Eiffel Tower. Bobcat marvelled all the details: “oh look, a red double decker bus! Oh look, they’re playing cricket!” It’s truly amaizing, and needless to say, this was the grown ups’ favourite too. It was an absolute blast and he spent about an hour checking out all the sites (occasionally trying to climb over). We had to drag him away to move over to Duplo Valley which has been resulted in the first tantrum of the day. (He did so well until that point!) 

Second tantrum closely followed when he wasn’t allowed in the splash area in Duplo Valley. To be honest, parents were badly prepared and didn’t do their homework. We didn’t know about the mini water park, so we had nothing with us. (Although, there’s a shop right there selling everything you might need plus a zillion of other things you don’t.) Also, we wouldn’t let him to go on his own anyway. It would have been too dangerous as he still doesn’t follow instructions. Never mind, qickly took him to the playground for a bit, then did all the rides around there, which were designed for young children and the queuing was minimal. We went twice on the little gondola ride themed around classic children stories like Three Little Piggies, Cinderella and others. His other favourite was a mini car driving experience.

After this we stopped for a lunch as it was 1 pm and picked the only pizza restaurant. Oh my gosh it was so so so rubbish, but it was hassle free and the children ate something. It’s a “buffet style” and all you can eat (for £12.95) but all you can get is pizza (same thick base plus different but very basic toppings) pasta with meaty sauce, coleslaw and Coca Cola products. Never mind, after queuing for another 10-15 minutes at least we got food immediately. At this point, frankly, all you care about is that the kids need to eat something and you just eat quickly whatever you get.

Nearing 2 pm after finishing lunch we decided to have an icecream – and I badly needed a coffee – next door (queuing again for 15 minutes, read emails, posted pics to Instagram) and slowly make our way back to the car as Bobcat was getting tired and we had to make sure he won’t nap after 4 pm (which didn’t matter in the end, he was up till 10 pm that night). Babi was also a bit grumpy because she just started to walk a few weeks ago and now that’s another reason why she doesn’t want to sit in the buggy. Which she had to do most of the time during that day. But she also dislikes wearing shoes at the moment (ha! Wait for it girl!) so we can’t just let her walk around everywhere.

So, after a little extra playground time we headed home (tantrum number three), all of us being exhausted. I can’t imagine spending the whole day there, but we will surely have to, when they are bigger.

What we have learned:

  • 3 hours of Legoland plus lunch is what a three-year-old can manage
  • Until they are under five, Mini Land and Duplo Valley seems to be the most suitable and avoid the other big rides
  • Both kids and parents need swimming clothes and towels for the water park
  • Worth investing into Q-Bots, a queue jumping device
  • Lots of food options, but maybe picking next time
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Mama + Belle Teething Jewellery Review

My poor baby girl has been teething for the last few months, she just turned one and has got 6 cute (and sharp!) little teeth. She’s quite good at managing the pain, only when she was just starting to cut her first two, at around 6 month old, that’s when we needed to use some teething gel occasionally. A lot of people think that teething pain should be manageable without giving your baby a pain killer. I tend to agree with this based on my experience, but there’s also a lot of different techniques which could help: letting them chew on cold vegetable sticks, giving them teething toys or a dummy, or even if you breastfeed then feed them more frequently during teething periods. Now, my girl currently chews on everything, so never a better time that we’ve been selected to test Mama + Belle’s Teething Jewellery.

So I picked my favourite colour combination from their webshop – also happens to be one of their bestseller -: a combination of mint green, copper and marble coloured beads. I was a bit torn as I really liked another one with pastel ice cream colours, so it was a hard decision. It arrived in no time, in a neat little pouch.

Popped it into the dishwasher quickly to sterilise it. (Not that she doesn’t eat dirt, she does, that’s her favourite. I just wash everything before the first use, clothes, dishes, everything really.) I put it on straight after that. Funnily enough, initially she might have been thinking that she isn’t supposed to be playing with it, let alone putting it into her mouth. So I had to show her what is it for. After this, she started to happily gnaw on it and for time to time she kindly offered it to me for a chew, my generous little girl:

She likes it and so do I. It’s great for satisfying her constant urge for chewing. The silicone gently massages her sour gums. Another plus is that it goes well with most of my outfits, looks great as a piece of fashion jewellery. People can’t tell if they’re not aware of the existence of teething jewellery, that it’s got another purpose too. Also, wearing chewable accessories means babies won’t ruin their brand new teeth with metallic jewellery (and they won’t damage your beloved, expensive things!).

Naturally, it gets a bit dirty from time to time, especially the light colours, but no worries, as the dishwasher can take care of it. (Or plain soapy water.)

What I love about it:

  • BPA, PVC, lead, latex and phthalate free
  • Designed with safety knots between the beads and with breakaway clasp
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe (it’s a nice and cool for the baby’s sour gum if you put it into the freezer for a little bit befor use)
  • Mama + Belle is an ethical micro business: 10% of the profit goes to Stella’s Voice, a charity fighting against human trafficking.



I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I can highly recommend it to my fellow mums.

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Recipe: Rose Petal And Orange Jam

At the beginning of this summer, in early June, me and the kids visited my parents in Hungary. (Whilst poor Daddy caught up on pints and stag dos.) My dad has a fantastic garden, the children had a blast. He’s got lots and lots of roses, beautiful, sumptuous, soft pink, velvety red and bright yellow. I was marvelling the rose bushes in full bloom and I thought, that’s a shame really, all those pretty petals just end up in the compost, such a waste.

That’s how I came up with the idea of making a jam. I Googled a few recipes, but somehow I felt like I need some other component to make it a bit more exciting. I love the scent of the rose essence, but it’s really hard to create the equivalent for the taste buds. Not long ago, in Rome, I tasted rose ice cream, which was nice, but a little bit on the strange side for me to be honest, maybe it wasn’t sweet enough. But in a jam, well, that can work really well. I just wanted a little bit of extra kick, so I decided to add some orange.

The outcome was absolutely amazing, I was so proud of myself, that I actually made this phenomenal jam. Seriously, not boasting. I’m pretty sure I was just purely lucky and somehow things worked out well, as I’m definitely not THAT good cook!

Anyway, here’s the recipe and a few tips to start with. Let’s preserve  all those beautiful petals from your garden!


  • Pick petals when the roses are in full bloom, healthy looking without any brown edges or fading.  Use deep colours and with a heavy scent.
  • Most garden roses are edible. Make sure no pesticides were used on the plant.
  • Use the petals right after picking them, so they won’t loose their colour and scent.
  • Don’t forget to sterilise your jars before using them.


300g rose petals

1 orange peeled and juiced

500g sugar

700ml water


Place the rose petals in a large bowl and sprinkle them with about half of the sugar. Mix them very well, almost like giving the petals a good massage. It’s for distributing the sugar well and evenly so they will soak up the sugar, and the sugar will soak up the fragranced oils of the rose petals. Cover and put it in the fridge for overnight.

Give the orange a good scrubbing down, juice it and peel it. Cut the peelings into very small and thin pieces. Pour the water and orange  juice into a large pan. Add the remaining sugar and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Avoid boiling it. Place the the orange peels is into the pan first, then 10 minutes after add the rose petals. Keep stirring gently. Allow to simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Then raise the cooking heat and boil for 15 minutes until it thickens a bit. Do a drop test, if you’re happy with the consistency, your jam is ready. Immediately bottle it.

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Review And Giveaway: Nim’s Kids – Healthy Snacks

I have already worked with Nim’s, and I just love their crisps. After reviewing their Pure Fruit And Vegetable Crisps I became a huge fan. (In case you missed it, read my review here: Nim’s All Natural Fruit And Vegetable Crisps) Nim’s fruit and vegetable crisps range contains 8 different kind of air-dried snacks, healthy and delicious.

These yummy snacks are all natural, made with an air-drying process, so they keep lots of their nutritional content, natural sweetness and beautiful bright colours.

Nimisha, the founder of Nim’s, a mumtrepeneur, has originally planned to create a line for children (after becoming a mum, she realised, how important are healthy snacks and how little choices are available at the supermarkets), so after successfully launching the brand and the first products, now she has created 4 new yummy crisps for children. They are single flavours (kids tend to prefer this to more complicated ones): apple, pear, courgette and carrot.

We all tasted them, and whilst my favourite was the pear and the courgette, both the kids preferred the apple and the carrot. The amaizing thing is, the are bursting with flavour! They do taste like the fresh fruit, but as my eldest said: “funny crunchy munchy“. They are super crunchy indeed.

My eldest has some sensory issues with touching fruits and veggies so he doesn’t eat them. But these crisps look and feel like potato crisps so he eats them. I can highly recommend them for other kids having same sorts of sensory issues.

What I (a mummy, who has TWO picky eaters) love about them:

  • It’s 1 of the 5 a day. Big thumbs up!
  • 100% natural. Just yummy dried fruit slices.
  • Portion controlled.
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free.



We are keen to raise awareness of these great products, so I will run a few giveaways on my blog for the next few weeks. Keep checking back, we will do separate competitions for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We have 2 prizes to win each time!

For the chance to win

1x a full range of Nim’s All Natural Crisps


1x a range of  Nim’s Kids Crisps

all you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

You have to LIKE both Facebook pages: Nim’s Fruit Crisps and Captain Bobcat for a valid entry!

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms and Conditions

This competition will open on 27th of June 2017 at 12:00 am and will close on 12th of July 2017 at 12.00 am.
2 winners will be selected at random.
UK entrants only.
No cash alternative will be offered.
The winners will be announced on social media outlets and will be contacted by email.
The winners will have 28 days to respond to their winner’s email.

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Healthy, 3 Ingredient Ice Lollies In 15 Minutes

This is going to be the shortest recipe ever. So easy, almost a no-brainer really, I could just list the 3 ingredients and anyone can figure it out what to do with them.

As you might know, Bobcat is a really fussy eater, he still doesn’t eat any fresh fruits and vegetables at all. (He’s 3 years old. When will this change?) Anyway, the only way to make him eat some is trying to smuggle them into something he likes. Like ice cream. All kids like ice lollies. These easy-peasy healthy ice pops are so delicious that they won’t even notice a little bit of kale hiding in there, with all its fabulous natural vitamin C.

We normally have everything at home to make these, as I often use Waitrose frozen smoothie mixes for his snacks. (I’m a master of veggie -smuggling you see) We have two favourites: kale-mango-kiwi and berries-beetroot-carrot. But it can be any mix of favourite fruits and veggies really.

So grab about

4 handfuls of frozen fruits and veggies

4 tablespoons of greek yogurt and

2 tablespoons of honey.

I used half and half of my favourite smoothie mixes to create 6 different coloured lollies.

All you need to do is just blend the fruits with the honey using your mixer (you can let the frozen fruits sit a little bit before that, so they won’t be too icy) and fold the yogurt in. Add a splash of water, around 50-60 ml in the end and pour your mixture into the moulds. Put it in the freezer for 3 hours.

Top Tips:

  • you need the water to make your mixture freeze better because the yogurt is too creamy. Water makes the proper ice lolly.
  • hold the mould under hot running water for 15-20 seconds to make it easier to get the ice pops out of the mould.
  • use quality moulds with a strong, firm handle.
  • you can use a different sweetener or none at all!
  • before serving them, you can dip them into melted chocolate- real treat!
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10 Reasons Why Having LESS Toys Is Good For Your Children?

Lately, the two littlest in our household started to lead a lifestyle of a hoarder. They not only receive a lot of gifts (a lot of times without any specific reason or special occasion) but they also collect junklike stuff they want to keep and play with. Like colourful empty bottles, tissue paper, ribbons, etc. My eldest even steals things from the nursery, I keep finding random little objects in his pockets when we get home. We still have the top of his wardrobe full of unopened presents from his birthday. Untouched Kinder surprise eggs hiding in the kitchen which he keeps getting from the grandparents by the box of 5 (!!!). It takes a lot of effort from us to make our lovely folks to understand that they simply have to stop buying too much stuff for the children. We look like really mean parents! But, they don’t need (and they are definitely not going to get) a surprise egg every day. We are running out of space to store toys they are not playing with. Lots of them break or stop working within a few weeks or months and end up in landfill. So I decided to declutter. And declutter regularly.

These are my reasons, but if this isn’t enough reason to declutter and cut down on impulse buys, here’s some more:

1. Encouraging innovative thinking

They simply have to invent plays and games to entertain themselves. For children, this supposed to be a natural way of discovering the world and part of their development. Like using empty food cartons and boxes to create a shop instead of buying a miniature plastic toy shop set. (With 120 pieces.) Or make some. Just use a real jute bag when they go pretend play shopping. Use carton boxes and build a car. They will soon start to change their way of thinking and play with what’s available.

2. Learning to ask for permission 

Naturally, some things are forbidden and they are not toys. Some things they should never touch. They will learn sooner what objects in the household are not allowed to play with and what are they used for.

4. Becoming more creative 

Going hand in hand with innovative thinking, it enables children to make use of things. Use that tissue paper collection to cover the racing car made of an empty cardboard box. Cut out numbers of paper. The car also needs wheels, lamps, a car key maybe?

5. Playing independently 

They engage better with the fewer toys they have. The experience is talking over here. Not long ago, my firstborn always wanted to play with the IPad. (We use IPad strategically, and he gets a half an hour here and there, 2-3x a week.) He was BORED. Wondering around, trying to figure it out what to play with, picked some toy up, played with that for a minute or two, then wandering around again aimlessly. So we put two-third of the toys away. All of a sudden the remaining toys became interesting. Why? Because:

6. Too much stuff causes stress 

Not just in children, it effects everyone. I personally feel very anxious when the mess is bigger what I than I can tolerate and things are not at their normal place or not being put away. So, when my little boy becomes anxious he starts to run around, from wall to wall in the hall, sometimes for 10-15 minutes till he gets very tired. This is how he copes with overstimulation and anxiety. Nowadays, this happens a lot less since we’re doing conscious efforts to declutter regularly, he’s a calmer and more cooperative too.

7. Less toys teaches the idea of sharing and taking turns

Sharing is an important milestone in social communication and the one which parents find quite frustrating whilst learning is still in progress. At every play date, every time at the soft play or on the play ground all you can hear is “Share, sweetheart, share please!” Teaching  taking turns and sharing becomes easier when they have less toys. Also, they will be less selfish. A child, who gets everything on a silver plate believes it’s just natural and soon starts to have demands, often not reasonable ones.

8. Encourage imaginative play

For parents like me, this is an important issue. My eldest has never been great at imaginative play, he still needs lots of help to get started. Imaginative play is a key milestone in a child’s development. With all the talking, music making, interactive toys there’s little room left for the imagination to fly. If they have difficulties to get to use their imagination, like my boy, we have found it’s a good idea to play stories from their favourite books. Creating our very own mini theatre.

9. Consume less and consciously 

Buying less and carefully select a few toys only means buying less rubbish which will be thrown away in no time. It saves money, tears, and teaches them to choose wisely. It’s a greener approach. It teaches them patience and that it’s worth waiting for something. I remember how long I waited for my first Barbie doll, how much I wanted to have one and how long I cherished and looked after the first one I got. I want my children to have a sweet memory like that.

10. Less tidying up

Bonus. How much time do you spend with tidying up? How about adding to that all the time you spend arguing and negotiating with your children about it? Yep. Thought so. This can be also saved by downsizing the toy arsenal. The children would be more willing to tidy up as the result is within an easier reach.

Maybe some more can be added to the list, did I miss something? Please leave a comment.


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Review: Wraptious – Affordable And Unique Gifts For Art Lovers

I love making gift guides for special loved ones featuring my new favourite finds. I especially like it when a product or idea combines art with ethical standards. When Wraptious contacted me to review one of their product and their site, I didn’t know too much about them. Wraptious sells award-winning gift items supporting artists. The first thing I came across, was their competition they run twice a  year. They invite artists to join them and upload their work which gets shared and voted on by the public. This year’s shortlist has been already selected and the shorlisted artists’ designs are available in their online store. Wraptious currently works with more than thirty artists: painters, illustrators, photographers and designers. The artist community is expanding, thanks to the competition too.

What really makes Wraptious ethical in my eyes is their manifesto, which is promoting independent art. Directly supporting their artists, who receive a share of each sale. Yes, this means, a percentage of each sale goes directly into the artist’s pocket. The best way to support independent art: buy it. Also, all their products are produced in the UK and on recycled or sustainable resources where possible. 

Learning all this, I was really looking forward receiving my cushion I picked from their collection. It was hard to pick, but I chose a cushion designed by Paul Robbins:

Take a look at the details, such a lovely piece!

Though Wraptious has a lovely selection of cushion designs, I fell in love with this one for the first sight. I love the yellow background highlighting all the hypnotisingly beautiful colours of the bear’s head. The colours are strikingly vivid, I have used no filter on the photo above. This cushion is available in two sizes: 45 cm x 45 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm. The cover is made of super soft and velvety vegan-suede.

The same design is also available printed on gallery-quality original print, in case you’d like to coordinate or highlight them.

My top tip:  grab 2-3 pieces of quality art products from the same artist to turn a simple room into a stylish living space. Given the affordable prices what Wraptious provides, it’s easily doable.

Prices start at £22.95 (cover only).


I received this product to review it and publish my honest, unbiased opinion.


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