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Thoughtful Gifts That Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

In Life by eva.katona@yahoo.com9 Comments

You’ll see a lot of Father’s Day gift guides’s popping up on your feed soon, as Father’s Day is fast approaching. I’m always in trouble what shall I buy for my husband – in the name of the children – as most of the options are either too tacky or simply useless. I mean, who needs another slogan mug or …

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Guest Post: Flying With A Baby – Everything You Need To Know!

In Travel by eva.katona@yahoo.com8 Comments

This is a guest post by Hayley from Life As A Butterfly Flying with a baby – Everything you need to know!   I have learned a lot in my first year as a mum! Most new parents quickly come to terms with everyday aspect such as which tog sleeping bag is best, which first foods to introduce or how …

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Good Cause Of The Month: The Date Project

In Life by eva.katona@yahoo.com13 Comments

As you know, every month I introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month I’d like to introduce The Date Project.  What is The Date Project about? The Date Project is a charity founded in …

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9 Clever And Cheap DIY Ways To Save Money On Wedding Favours (And They Are Eco-Friendly Too!)

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When we got married five years ago, we really didn’t want to spend a fortune on the wedding. Not only because we had our little boy on the way and we thought we might as well spend that money on the nursery, the buggy, car seat and all the other things a newborn needs – but we also believed that …

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Angela Langford Balanced & Beautiful Balancing Face Oil Review

In Green, Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com11 Comments

As you already know I’m a huge fan of natural skin care and essential oils. My holistic approach is: the same way I nourish my body with non-processed and meat free food I treat my skin with natural and organic beauty products which are also cruelty free. I try to avoid artificial ingredients and chemicals both in my diet and my beauty products. I’m not going over …

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Homemade Smoothie Ice Lollies With Vegan Yogurt

In Foodie Me by eva.katona@yahoo.com12 Comments

Ice lollies are a big favourites in our house, especially if they have some chocolate content… so why not turn the smoothies into ice lollies? When the weather is warm it goes down better and it’s naturally more fun. My boy tend to try more flavours and ingredients when they are presented in a form of an ice lolly.  So …

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10 Seaside Locations From Famous Movies You Can Visit

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Ever wanted to feel like a movie star? Hunting for filming locations are for the hardcore movie fans, but if you’re choosing a holiday destination for your next holiday, it’s always good to know what interesting things are around to visit. Walking in the footsteps of Leonardo Di Caprio, Sean Connery or Julia Roberts always offers a fantastic photo opportunity. …

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash with Feta Cheese

In Foodie Me by eva.katona@yahoo.com12 Comments

I’ve been making this dish for years and years. In fact, I can’t believe, I have never posted this recipe! This is my ultimate escape dish, whenever I have to cook up a dinner for carnivores, I serve this as a side dish and I have it as main for myself. Just add some grilled tofu or halloumi and it …

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Olverum Bath Oil Review

In Reviews by eva.katona@yahoo.com10 Comments

Well, this was a looooong winter in London. With the Beast from the East just a few weeks ago the children contracted yet another cold, then some days later it was husband’s turn and currently it’s mine. I can safely say I have had more colds and flus in the last 3-4 years (since I have children, basically) then during …

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Timeless Summer Fashion Prints And Colours You Can’t Go Wrong With

In Style by eva.katona@yahoo.com2 Comments

I’m a person who reserves a few colours, prints and materials for certain seasons: I love tartan print but I only wear it in the few month before Christmas. Just like I like white jeans – but I would never wear it in winter. But, a light coloured jumper is of course different again. As the weather seems to warm …