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Review: Trying Daily Contact Lenses From FeelGoodContacts

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Why I’ve been wearing contact lenses for a long time I have been wearing contact lenses for about 25 years now, at least. I was around 15 years old when I first got contact lenses prescribed and it was life changing for me. As I was always a skinny girl, especially in my teens, wearing glasses just added some extra …

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Wonderbag Review – A Revolutionary, Environmentally Friendly Slow Cooker (Plus A Simple Curry Recipe!)

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Why I need a slow cooker I never had a slow cooker before, as I’m being vegetarian we don’t really make meaty stews at home. So I was a little bit reluctant as I thought: I don’t really need one, do I? However, I’ve heard many people use their slow cooker for preparing veggie meals too and so I had …

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Getting Organised With Eco-Friendly Notice Boards At Home

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Being better organised I’ve had two New Year resolutions. One is a regular one, this is what I’m promising to do every year: doing my best to live as eco conscious as I can. It means that I add new habits and change old ones in order to live more environmentally friendly. There is always a space for improvement.
 My …

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The Only Way Forward: Reusable Shopping Bags

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Deadly plastic bags I’m sure you have seen at least one of the recent photos and videos circulating on the internet: a tortoise tangled in plastic bag. Or a diver filming himself in swimming the plastic polluted sea. These images are popping up more and more frequently on social media feeds. Unfortunately they are coming from every corner of the …

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Review: Personalised Original Edition Thomas The Tank Engine Book From Personalised Parties PLUS Giveaway!

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Bobcat is turning four… Bobcat’s birthday is coming up next month. My little guy turns FOUR. It’s so hard to believe it! It was only yesterday that I found out about his arrival. And 5 seconds later he was born. And another 5 seconds later he’s now four years old. How is that even possible? Anyway, mummy. Put the sentimentality …

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GreenBook – Erasable Notebook Review

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GreenBook – Erasable Notebook Review I was just looking for a new notebook or weekly planner for myself as I realised that I have to keep lists to get everything done I wanted. I don’t really need a diary because things often get delayed or postponed around here… I never been a person who kept to-do lists, I remembered for …

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Giveaway: Flyte Drink, The All Natural Energy Drink

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Giveaway: Flyte Drink, The All Natural Energy Drink Let’s start February with an energy boost! Now that we have recovered after all the the food and drink we consumed in December and survived January by making it either meat free, sugar free or alcohol free, it’s time to boost our energy. To kick off the last winter month I teamed …

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Book Review: Thrive Through Yoga – A 21-Day Journey

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Why yoga is important to me? I’ve been a huge yoga fan for decades now: I first met yoga as a teenager and I started to practise daily when I moved to Ibiza – about 8 years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to meet with some truly inspirational trainers, even made friends. Yoga for me has never been a purely …

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Bathtime Fun With Kit & Kin

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Have you heard about Kit & Kin yet? My kids love their bath time. I first came across Kit & Kin when a few month ago we tested their biodegradable nappy range. (Spoiler alert: we loved them. Great nappies and one of the few biodegradable brands currently available.) Kit & Kin has a range of safe, eco-friendly and affordable baby …

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Cranberry – Rhubarb Gin Cocktail Recipe For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but we normally don’t celebrate the occasion by going out or buying anything special for each other. A box of chocolate, a nice dinner at home and some wine has been our Valentine’s Day treat for years. I (or my husband) normally cook something fancy we don’t have every …