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Good Cause Of The Month: The Secret Pillow Project

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What is The Secret Pillow Project is about? The Secret Pillow is a cushion that unfolds into a blanket. It is a handmade and unique craft item and made by women in India. In addition, these women face serious social and economic challenges. They receive training, support, and materials to produce Secret Pillows, therefore from crafting and selling the pillows they earn …

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7 Ways To Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss And Hair Care

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Do you suffer from postpartum hair loss? If you’re a mum, you can probably remember all the beautiful changes your body went through during pregnancy. Glowing skin, stronger nails and healthy looking hair – even if you suffered from other less glamorous pregnancy symptoms, chances are that your skin and hair never looked better. For me, this was perfectly true …

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Christmas Jumper Mission Completed: Not For Ponies Review

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Disclaimer: I received the items in exchange for my honest review. I just love Christmas jumpers! I would never go as far as a pair of vintage looking Christmas tree earrings but I quite like cute Christmas jumpers with a hint of humour. I’ve spotted this one just scrolling through Twitter and it was love at the first sight: I …

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Eco By Sonya Winter Skin Review

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I really miss sunshine in the winter months and I missed my tanned skin. I just do. I used to live in Spain where I used to have a natural tan throughout the whole year. I’m fully aware of the health consequences of sun tanning, but I’m totally addicted having a tanned skin. I would never (well, never anymore) go …

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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Industrial Interior Design

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I love mixing interior styles, especially old and new things, love a bit of eclectic style! My absolute favourites are late art deco, bauhaus and industrial interior design. The latter can actually incorporate a lot of other styles – and that’s what I like about it. I do like to mix minimalism with eclectic design – I don’t like to …

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Me & I Clothing: Fun And Eco-Friendly Design For Children

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When I buy clothes for my kids, I usually love picking bright and fun designs. It’s good if they last so I can pass them on to a friend. Apart from that, it’s important that they are kind to the skin (they both have very sensitive skin), so I only buy 100% cotton items and whenever possible: kind to the …

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Cool Autumn And Winter Picks For The Whole Family – With Esprit

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With small children we face with the same problem at the beginning of every season: we need a size bigger new clothes for them. And it’s always the autumn and winter season when you need more of a quality clothing items. Proper, warm shoes, durable wellies, lightweight coat, thicker coat, jumpers, hats, scarves and so on. Often, you need the …

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5 Decor Ideas For Instant Style

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These days I’m quite busy trying to find some clever decorating ideas, which doesn’t cost the earth, but they will add a bit of a style to our place. Because, let’s face it, the kids already ruined our nice pre-children stuff. We replaced them (and everything new we buy in fact) with functional, child proof but not so nice stuff. …

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15+1 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day – The Ethical And Ecofriendly Edit

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Lately, I got to know a lot of great, small indy shops and places with ethical and eco friendly goodies and values. Some of them are start ups, the others are established, but they all have one thing in common: the visionary people behind them, who are passionate about a greener, fairer future. With Father’s Day is just around the …

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Mother’s Day Giveaway: Win A Carry Me Wrap By Fornessi

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A few weeks ago I reviewed a fantastic new baby wrap by Fornessi I absolutely loved this wrap, and there are lots of reasons for that! Read my review: Fornessi Carry Me Wrap Review For this Mother’s Day, we teamed up with Fornessi again and one very lucky mama can win a Carry Me Wrap in fabulous Fresh Blueberry colour …