Day Out In The Wonderfully Quirky Bekonscot

We recently discovered a truly unique place for about an hour and a bit drive from London.

Bekonscot is located in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. It’s a modal village with a miniature railway but it’s not your average, vintage little modal village form the 1970’s. Far from that. It’s a perfect day out place with the family, you can also find a great playground and food shed too. We decided to visit this cute and quirky place a few weeks ago, as now we have not only two train enthusiasts in our family but three: one of Babi’s first word was “choo-choo” and as she copies her brother in everything, she has a soft spot for trains too.


Bekonscot is world’s oldest and original model village.

The eccentric owner of Bekonscot opened his modal village and railway in 1929 and At first it only entertained friends and family then started to receive tourists soon after that. The original modal railway was initially an indoor entertainment for Roland R. Callingham, but his wife wanted to move it outside of the house – that’s how it all began.

The modal village therefore gives a glimpse into the 1930’s has actually consist of 6 different, small towns. There are different scenes and buildings: airport, tennis courts, cricket club, castle, lakeside with boats, farm – basically every very quintessentially English thing from almost a century ago. Everything  from a little, detailed high street to an Art Deco factory. I’m pretty sure I even spotted the queen’s character too!

Quirky charm

Keep your eyes open for lots of tiny little details and funny puns. Cuteness overload alert. It’s an absolute delight to walk amongst the more than 3000 inhabitants of the village and spot all the details. They are in an amazingly good condition, the charity foundation looked after the modal village very well in the past 80 years. At one point in 1992 they actually gave up with updating the. Illahe with up to date features like modern cars and  removed them and they reversed everything back to the original, 1930’s look. That’s what you can see now.

The miniature railway

This was Bobcat’s favourite, needless to say. 3 lines, each over 150 meters, little trains are coming and going, stopping at stations. He actually loved it so much that he sneaked back from the playground! Without telling us. After 2 minutes of panic, I knew where to find him. Bingo.

Ride on railway

It’s a mini train you can ride criss crossing in one part of the garden. Cost an extra pound each (free for under 2’s) and runs in every few minutes.

The playground

A good family friendly attraction can’t be without a decent playground to burn all the excitement and energy. This playground is lovely and big enough to spend at least an hour there. It’s got smaller and bigger slides, a pirate boat, climbing frames for every age and a little Thomas A Tank Engine train.

Tea room

Initially, we were planning to have a pizza (what else!) in town but we didn’t regret exploring the tea room instead. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating with basic, child friendly food and it’s dirt cheap. I had a veg burger which wasn’t curried! If you you’re a fellow vegetarian, you know what I mean. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There’s also plenty of high chairs for the little ones. You can bring your own picnic if you prefer that.


Bekonscot is operated by a non-profit company so the profit goes to different charities like RNLI or the Great Ormond Street Hospital. They have raised over £5.5 million for charity with over 14 million visitors since 1929.

We will be definitely back soon, as we loved it so much. In fact, we’re going to book their Meet With Santa experience in December.

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Burnished Chaos


  1. Aw this looks so lovely! My two would absolutely adore the playground. I always love finding new places to visit with my little family. It looks like such a fun day out here. xx

  2. I love Bekonscot! We meet my brother there as a midway day out with the kids. It’s such a brilliant place. #familytraveltips

  3. It’s a beautiful place just up the road from where we live. I used to go as a child and now take my children who adore it. Great photos capture the magic of Bekonscot. Enjoy the Santa trip in December! Mrs T #StayClassyMama

    • It does, doesn’t it? Like a little town from the original Thomas the tank engine.

    • We do like that too! My boy soent hours in there. It was his favourite part of Legoland.

  4. We used to take the kids there a lot before moving to Portugal and they loved it. My girl was still a bit young but the boy spent hours watching the little train going round. x

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