DIY Hey Duggee Theme Birthday Party

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This year I planned a Hey Duggee themed birthday party for Bobcat. To be honest, I throughly enjoyed it! For those, not familiar with the character: this is the funniest cartoon on CBeebies, on a quite sophisticated way. Duggee is a dog running a scout camp and the little animal children have to complete a task in every episode, so that they can receive a badge for it. Bobcat loves it, he picked up the simple jokes from early age. I love it too, it’s probably the best cartoon on television, it’s hilarious and clever even for an adult.

Designing the party was a bit challenging as no Hey Duggee party ware is available to buy in shops, so I had to come up with my own ideas and design. But that was the fun part for me! Feel free to use and share them 🙂


The badges are essential to be represented at a Hey Duggee themed party, since they are a vital part of every episode. Whilst looking for ideas, I found these free, downloadable badges on the CBeebies website:

Printable Hey Duggee Badges Printing them in A4 gives you just the right size to make badges with this Design a Badge Kit 55mm Clear Plastic Badge with Blank Paper Inserts for Children to Personalise & Offer as a Gift for Father’s Day (Pack of 10). Pretty easy and they look absolutely amaizing.

We just gave one to every invitees at the party, the kids absolutely loved them.

Party Bags

Party bags are nowadays just as important as the cake 🙂 Now, loot bags filled with plastic crap is one of my pet hates. So, I decided to make rainbow coloured crayon shapes for the party bags, in order to match with the Hey Duggee theme. Rainbows are frequently present in various episodes. Well, we ended up making Lego shaped crayons, and Bobcat helped too. The crayon melting was real mission, I had no idea, it’s not as easy as it looks. Read my guide about how to make shaped crayons at home: How To Make Shaped Crayons. The Lego brick and Lego man shaped crayons then filled a pretty little gift bag.

Also put a Hey Duggee activity pack with colouring sheets into the loot bag, it’s also free to download from here: Hey Duggee Activity Pack. Looked like this, matching very well with the idea of the shaped crayons:

I’ve bought simple, multicoloured paper bags to use as party bags and decorated them with the same paper cut-out badges I used for the badges. This time though, I had to get them printed in A5, so they were bigger. Extra source of fun, when the little ones are trying to match their badge with the party bag!

Cups, plates, etc

I used simple, natural white paper cups and plates, cheaply available even in supermarkets. I used the printed badge cut-outs again (sticking one on each cup). I didn’t decorate the plates as I was worried that the food would pick the colours up. But it looked fantastic on the cups and everyone remembered which was her/his cup 🙂

I unfortunately ran out of time, but paper straws could be also decorated the same way.

I also got rainbow coloured paper decoration and personalised birthday banners from here: HEY DUGGEE Personalised Birthday Banners – Pack of 2


My local mummy friend provided the cake, check her site out: Rabi’s Kitchen Just like last year, and it was a huge hit again. Look at this amazing cake! And it was delicious too.We obviously had to get a cuddly toy for him, his favourite character Happy. He can do a brilliant Happy impression. 🙂



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  1. I haven’t heard of this character either. But oh wow, what an amazing effort you put in. The decorations look great and they don’t look home made at all. You did a brilliant job. Well done! I saw your post about the crayons too and it is such a good idea – they look fab. Thanks for sharing with us at #GlobalBlogging. p.s. I hope you’ve shared all this to Pinterest because it is definitely Pinterest worthy!!

  2. This is amazing, I love the level of creativity and all of the effort you put in for this, he must have been so happy with this! I’ve not heard of this character before but then it’s been a while since I’ve watched CBEEBIES, though my cousin keeps me updated on her favourites, so she might know! I’m 26 now, but even at this age I was going through these photos thinking, I’d love this as an adult. I think party bags need to be brought back for adults! Love the little bags you made and the crayons to match the theme, brilliant. – Tasha

    1. Author

      Thanks Tasha, that’s such a nice comment. It was a bit of an effort indeed, but it was worthy and I also really enjoyed it.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Hey Duggee until a friend said something about it on Facebook today! Your collection looks lie so much fun for a little one’s party though – brilliant! #MakeItLinky

  4. Aww! Hey Duggie is such a sweet programme. This looks fantastic! Well done you! Hope your little one had a great party! Thank you for linking up to #MakeItLinky

  5. thanks for this post! i’m actually planning my son’s first birthday party and he loves duggee! i am pretty much copying your ideas because they are very creative yet on the frugal side. unfortunately, i cannot access bbc’s website from the U.S. it forwards the site to the Cbeebies site. so, i can’t access all the badges. any chance i could get someone out there from the UK to send me the badges from the BBC website somehow???? that would be awesome!

    1. Author

      You might be able to find the link on ABC (the Australian site, as they show Duggee on there.) if not, give me a shout and I’ll email the downloads for you to this email address.

  6. The link redirects now. Can you send me the downloads please. My son loves this show and want to have a birthday party full of Duggee.

    Thanks Juli

    1. Hi there, I’m having trouble getting to the badges as well as it redirects to the Australian site. Is there any way to access them from this part of the world? The badges would be awesome to use at my son’s first birthday party!

  7. Nice ideas. My son will be five and he has just found and adores Hey Duggee. I’m glad you say it’s adult humour too as I was worried he shouldn’t be watching pre-school TV! I do wonder if his friends will think it childish and make him feel silly, for-eveeeer. And I also think I couldn’t match your presentation, or am I looking for excuses not to put the effort in….

    I suppose I should now read up about crayon making; a step too far I fear.

    Seriously, thanks for the ideas.

  8. Any chance you could send the printable badges. I cannot find them on the link you provided im guessing since its on Nick Jr. now. 🙁

  9. Hello,
    Would you mind sending me a copy of the badges as well please? I don’t understand why they would take it off the site. My children love this show, even my older ones too! 😊

  10. Love your party!! My little guy also wants a Hey Duggee party and as is probably obvious by all the comments, it is super hard to find these badges anywhere! If it’s not too much trouble could you (or someome in this thread) please send me the badge sheets as well? Thank you so much!

  11. Im trying to throw a hey duggee themed party for my son, it is his favorite! You did such a amazing job. Im trying to get the badges as you did but having a hard time finding them on the website. It wont pull them up, help!!!??? What am i doing wrong?

      1. Hi Eva

        Will you be so kind to forward me the printable Hey Duggee Badges.

        Have a wonderful day

        Kind regards,

        Anéka Meyer

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