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A European In England: Finding My Way After Brexit

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My Multicultural London I’m a Hungarian living in the UK. I’m married to an English man and we have two small children born here, in London. When I moved to London, I was completely blown away by how diverse and liberal this city is. I felt like I’m in my element. I felt I’m welcomed. I thought I belong here. …

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Hungarian Potato Langos Recipe

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Langos Langos – the deep fried dough is a very popular and traditional Hungarian food. It’s probably every Hungarian’s comfort food. Mine as well. I know it’s not exactly a healthy meal, for essentially it’s deep fried bread. Also not many people make these at home anymore, as it’s a bit fiddly to prepare.  But it’s utterly delicious. It’s also vegan. …

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7 Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Microwave Recipes For Busy Parents

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IHave a busy family life? Meet your new best friend: the microwave Just like you are getting new baby gear, car seat, buggy and all the basics when you become a parent, you will need to get a good, reliable microwave too. I’ve learnt this quickly and I’m sure fellow parents are nodding along whilst reading this: having a microwave …

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Creating A Vibrant Outdoor Space: What You Need To Do This Year

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Creating A Vibrant Outdoor Space: What You Need To Do This Year Most homeowners would agree they want their gardens to appear as attractive and vibrant as possible. Indeed, that will encourage families to spend more time outside this summer and get away from their TV screens. However, lots of people have no idea where to start when it comes …

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Captain Bobcat’s Mother’s Day Giveaway

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About this Mother’s Day giveaway So….. since my Christmas giveaway series were so successful, I decided to do the same thing for this occasion. This might be my signature as a green and ethical lifestyle blogger in the future. Instead of gift guides, I prefer to run a giveaway, so people can meet with these indy brands I like. I …

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5 Car Safety Tips For Parents

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Children in the car – a few extra safety issues to keep an eye on For new parents, making sure that the car is safe for your infant is a whole new world. Yet again, as you have to get adjusted to so many new things when becoming a parent. I remember how much time we spent picking the first …

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#Supermamas – Interview with Daniela from Twinkle Star Travel Toys

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What are my Supermamas interviews about? Over the upcoming weeks around Mother’s Day I’m going to run a weekly interview series featuring mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a parent and decided to do something completely different for living. In these interviews real women are telling me about their journey of becoming a mother how they …

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Good Cause Of The Month: The Secret Pillow Project

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What is The Secret Pillow Project is about? The Secret Pillow is a cushion that unfolds into a blanket. It is a handmade and unique craft item and made by women in India. In addition, these women face serious social and economic challenges. They receive training, support, and materials to produce Secret Pillows, therefore from crafting and selling the pillows they earn …

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7 Ways To Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss And Hair Care

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Do you suffer from postpartum hair loss? If you’re a mum, you can probably remember all the beautiful changes your body went through during pregnancy. Glowing skin, stronger nails and healthy looking hair – even if you suffered from other less glamorous pregnancy symptoms, chances are that your skin and hair never looked better. For me, this was perfectly true …

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GreenBook – Erasable Notebook Review

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GreenBook – Erasable Notebook Review I was just looking for a new notebook or weekly planner for myself as I realised that I have to keep lists to get everything done I wanted. I don’t really need a diary because things often get delayed or postponed around here… I never been a person who kept to-do lists, I remembered for …