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Chocolate Ice Cream With Macabella And Yogurt

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I do like a summer treat, especially chocolate ice cream. Well, not only in summer. Anytime. But it has to be chocolate ice cream. Just like with any other desserts, I’m quite picky: sugary lemon and vanilla  flavours just won’t do it for me. Making ice cream at home is not too complicated and it can be prepared without a machine, …

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Chimichangas With Matcha Green Tea Cream Cheese And Strawberries

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I prepared this dessert for a Mexican themed evening with my Girl Gang. It looks absolutely amazing and it’s super easy to prepare. I was looking for some Mexican dessert online, but I wanted something less complicated than flan. Then I remembered Ashlee Marie’s Cream Cheese Chimichangas, they are simply irresistible and I tried them before. But this time, I wanted …

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Christmas Bonbons With Dates And Walnuts

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If you’re looking for some quick Christmassy dessert for the weekend, you can definitely steal the show with these. They are a lot easier to make than they look, and that’s a bonus. We tend to forget about our refined sugar intake during the holidays (or let’s just admit: we just don’t care), but these bonbons require no extra sugar. …

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Chocolate muffins with white choc chips – with a minimum of sugar only

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Not that I’m obsessed, but Bobcat gets very little sugary stuff. Much less than his friends. He’s quite hyper anyway. The other day we were invited to a birthday party. (I mean, Bobcat was invited, got party bags and a thank you note for the present later, NOT ME.) He was snacking on some fruit pieces when the birthday cake arrived …