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Spicy Mushroom Stew With Home Made Gnocchi

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In most Eastern-European countries, stew is everything. Hungary, where I’m from, is no different, we have all sorts of stews including goulash, which Hungarians eat as a soup. I know, we’re weird. The cuisine is of course heavy in meat dishes. Luckily, a lot of meat based dishes can be turned into a lovely vegetarian meal quite easily. My mum …

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Creamy risotto with butternut squash and chestnut mushrooms

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Not sure what are your little one’s feelings towards risotto, but Bobcat is not a big fan of it. If he likes it, eats it when it’s freshly prepared (such a gourmet this child), but when it’s reheated, he refuses it. I cannot really blame him, combinations such as asparagus and cherry tomato are very boring for small toddlers. This …