Healthy, 3 Ingredient Ice Lollies In 15 Minutes

This is going to be the shortest recipe ever. So easy, almost a no-brainer really, I could just list the 3 ingredients and anyone can figure it out what to do with them.

As you might know, Bobcat is a really fussy eater, he still doesn’t eat any fresh fruits and vegetables at all. (He’s 3 years old. When will this change?) Anyway, the only way to make him eat some is trying to smuggle them into something he likes. Like ice cream. All kids like ice lollies. These easy-peasy healthy ice pops are so delicious that they won’t even notice a little bit of kale hiding in there, with all its fabulous natural vitamin C.

We normally have everything at home to make these, as I often use Waitrose frozen smoothie mixes for his snacks. (I’m a master of veggie -smuggling you see) We have two favourites: kale-mango-kiwi and berries-beetroot-carrot. But it can be any mix of favourite fruits and veggies really.

So grab about

4 handfuls of frozen fruits and veggies

4 tablespoons of greek yogurt and

2 tablespoons of honey.

I used half and half of my favourite smoothie mixes to create 6 different coloured lollies.

All you need to do is just blend the fruits with the honey using your mixer (you can let the frozen fruits sit a little bit before that, so they won’t be too icy) and fold the yogurt in. Add a splash of water, around 50-60 ml in the end and pour your mixture into the moulds. Put it in the freezer for 3 hours.

Top Tips:

  • you need the water to make your mixture freeze better because the yogurt is too creamy. Water makes the proper ice lolly.
  • hold the mould under hot running water for 15-20 seconds to make it easier to get the ice pops out of the mould.
  • use quality moulds with a strong, firm handle.
  • you can use a different sweetener or none at all!
  • before serving them, you can dip them into melted chocolate- real treat!
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Very Buttery And Very Cheesy Mini Bites

This is such an easy and yummy snack to make, that even small kids could help. Bobcat loved being in charge of the rolling-pin and sprinkling the sesame seed. All over the place. And eating raw dough of course. (Who did not like that as a kid. Or even as a grown up.) These cheesy bites are great for parties, for the lunchbox, or as an afternoon snack. The resting seems long, but it’s absolutely necessary. They freeze well (whilst still raw), so it worth to make an extra portion for unexpected guests, or for a busy day and double the measurements. They go quickly anyway!


500g all purpose flour or pastry flour

250g unsalted butter (cold, straight from the fridge)

50ml milk

200g sour cream (room temperature)

3 egg yolks (2 for the dough + 1 for brushing)

100g grated cheese (cheddar or similar)

1 tsp sugar

1 tbsp salt

8g quick yeast

sesame seed for decoration


Sift the flour into a mixing bowl. Cube the butter and with your hands, rub it into the flour. Warm the milk A little bit and add it to the mixing bowl along with the sugar, the yeast and the salt. Mix the eggs with the sour cream and add the mixture to the bowl. Knead a neat dough ball, combining everything well, cover it and put in the fridge to rest for an hour.

Cover a baking tray with baking paper and preheat oven to 200C. Sprinkle some flour on a wooden board before rolling out the dough, to 1,5-2 cm thickness. Cut about 3×3 cm little squares, place them on the baking sheet, brush them with the egg yolk (into which you can add half a teaspoon of sweet ground paprika for a bit of an extra colour) and sprinkle with sesame seed. Bake them for 20-35 minutes.


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Savoury Butternut Squash – Broccoli Muffins With Feta

These are just perfect to make on a rainy afternoon, and eat them all up whilst they are still lovely and warm. I have a very picky toddler and seems like my baby girl is following her big brother’s footsteps. Lucky me. Not. I was hoping that at least one child of mine will eat properly. Nope, I can keep envying other parents with their small children eating raw carrot stick and steamed broccoli, but non mines. Anyway, that is why I try to smuggle some extra healthy ingredients into their dishes and also hoping that they will venture beyond the usual tastes and textures.

Muffins, both sweet and savoury are usually big hits in our house. I normally need to avoid whole pieces of vegetables being visible and use lots of cheese, for the savoury muffins to get green light. This recipe meets both criteria. Also contains more of the “friendly” veggie (butternut squash) and less of the “unfriendly” one (broccoli). Great for snack or even as a lazy main meal with some more cheese or healthy spreads like hummus.

Tip: by adding lots of fresh rosemary instead of chives, these muffins can be turned into more of a grownup’s snack.

Yield: 12 muffins


250g plain flour

100g butternut squash diced

80g broccoli (4-5 small florets)

1,5 tsp bicarbonate soda

1 tsp baking powder

200ml milk

50g butter melted

100g feta cheese crumbled roughly

1 egg

half a tsp salt

1 tbsp of chopped chives

some grated cheddar to sprinkle on the top (optional)


Steam the vegetables until they’re tender. With a hand mixer, blend the butternut squash into a smooth paste. I guess it could work with just mashing it with a fork. As a smooth paste, it adds some extra liquid to your batter (so does the broccoli). After this, I normally just add everything one by one in no particular order and just mix it quickly (with a wooden spoon, by hand).

Preheat oven to 160C. I found that because of vegetables, they bake a bit slower than without them, but they can burn just as easily. Therefore, it’s better to keep it around 160C instead of 180C. So the baking time is slightly longer than with normal muffins: 12-14 minutes.

They are lovely warm or cold, or even reheated in the oven.

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Review: Nim’s All Natural Vegetable And Fruit Crisps

I’m always on the look out for healthy and vegetarian nibbles. Bobcat is a very picky eater, he currently doesn’t eat any fresh fruits or vegetables apart from a little banana and some tomato. No matter how creative and persistent I am, he just won’t eat them. Therefore, I’m keen to try new things just to make him eat some more natural fibre, vitamins and minerals.


So when Nim’s asked me to review their product range I got excited. I was already a big fan of the veggie crisps available in the supermarkets, but they are all too salty for a toddler.

Nim’s all natural crisps range is invented by a fellow mum, who was looking for healthier snacks for her children. They are air-dried snacks because this way they keep most of their nutritional content and natural sweetness. Nim’s sources locally grown (British) fresh products and produce no waste. I was in love with the idea even before tasting them.

Tastewise, they are not super sweet nor salty, but naturally crispy and the packs are coming in a few lovely combinations like my favourite: kiwi and pineapple. I only wish they would come in bigger packs as we finished the entire range in a few days!

These crisps make a lovely addition to your meals too. Just a couple of ideas to use them: adding them to your morning porridge or topping a hearty soup or risotto. You can also make mini open sandwiches with chocolate spread and banana then top them with fruit crisps – lovely party food idea!

And of course my chief tester really enjoyed the crisps too! On this photo he’s actually stealing my nice crisp arrangement prepared for a photo:


Nim’s currently planning to launch a special product range for kids and crowdfunding it with Tesco Backit as they are passionate about helping to combat unhealthy snacking habits for children.

I’m more than happy to promote this innovative, award winning and independent business.

Italian Style Avocado And Tomato Dip Or Cream

I love finding new ways how to make avocado a little bit mor attractive for my family. Instead of trying to make them understand how good is avocado for them (it contains very little fat, but lots of Omega 3 and 6,  fiber, potassium, vitamins E, K, B6 and C and protein) I rather just create tasty food with these super healthy gems. Naturally, they are great on toast, and my son loves toast (and any bread for that matter). So, I came up with this toast or sandwich cream and it can also used as a dip. This recipe serves exactly 2 people and a little one, for one freshly prepared meal.



1 large ripe avocado chopped

2 small tomatoes chopped into small pieces

2 hard-boiled eggs chopped into small pieces

3-4 salad onion sliced thinly

4-5 fresh basil leaves chopped roughly

Salt and pepper to taste.



Mash the avocados in a bowl. Add everything else and combine well. Serve with fresh or toasted bread or baguette. Yumm. Next time you can add a spoonful of greek yogurt too.


Easy-Peasy Low-Sugar Apple Pancakes With Cinnamon

I was craving some nice and warm breakfast the other day, and these pancakes are such a treat! So we shared this yummy low-sugar full of flavour brekki with Bobcat. Who loved it, needless to say. Ready in 20 minutes, literally. Try to make not too many, Because you’ll eat it up all, trust me! 🙂 The recipe below will only make you about 4 pancakes.



2 small sweet apples grated

100g flour

1 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 heaped tsp of brown sugar

1 egg

100ml milk

half a teaspoon of cinnamon

small dash of vanilla essence

a dash of sparkling mineral or soda water to make the pancakes fluffy



Mix the grated apple, sugar, egg, cinnamon and vanilla essence. Add the flour, and in the end the liquids. Stir vigorously untill all well combined. Heat a small frying pan and add a tiny bit of oil before every pancakes so they won’t stick. Fry them each side for about 2-3 minutes on low heat. Serve with butter, jam or maple syrup.  Yumm.

Chocolate muffins with white choc chips – with a minimum of sugar only

Not that I’m obsessed, but Bobcat gets very little sugary stuff. Much less than his friends. He’s quite hyper anyway. The other day we were invited to a birthday party. (I mean, Bobcat was invited, got party bags and a thank you note for the present later, NOT ME.) He was snacking on some fruit pieces when the birthday cake arrived and because he’s never seen a Victoria sponge-cake with rainbow icing before, he rejected it immediately and didn’t even want to have a bite. He gets some sweet stuff though, like low-sugar biscuits for toddlers, oaty bars, home-made muffins, and if I’m not watching some ice cream from daddy.

This is why I like this recipe: it does contain some sugar, but not too much. No tricks here, the chocolate and the white choc chips will do the magic. It is also very presentable whenever you have children guests or you need to impress your mummy friends. Very easy to prepare and the method below should give you 12 handsome muffins.



250g self-raising flour

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 generous tsp baking powder

7 tbsp of soft brown sugar

1 tbsp of light in colour olive oil (or other vegetable oil)

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

70g of white choc chips or white chocolate pieces (I used Green & Black’s Organic White Chocolate, because it contains 30% real chocolate and tastes better.)

1 large egg

250ml full fat milk


Weigh out all the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Put all the liquid ingredients into a cup and mix them well. Now pour the liquid over the dry ingredients and combine them. As you might know already, you only need to mix it roughly, the batter needs to stay lumpy. That’s a golden rule with muffins.

Preheat oven to 200C when everything mixed, before you start to scoop them into the paper cases.

Scoop the mixture into the muffin cases and they are ready to go into the oven for about 20 minutes. keep an eye on them, when they are nicely risen, check one of them with a fork. It shouldn’t be sticky.

When ready, have one for yourself. Everyone knows that muffins always come in a set of 11 🙂


You can decorate them as you like. I used Sugarfree Mom’s recipe for the icing, because these muffins were made for a Halloween party and I needed to decorate them.