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15+1 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day – The Ethical And Ecofriendly Edit

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Lately, I got to know a lot of great, small indy shops and places with ethical and eco friendly goodies and values. Some of them are start ups, the others are established, but they all have one thing in common: the visionary people behind them, who are passionate about a greener, fairer future. With Father’s Day is just around the …

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Summer Matcha & Mint Lemonade

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I love matcha tea, not only tasty and healthy, but very versatile too as it comes in a powdered form. You can use it in cakes, smoothies, drinks and more. So when I received Matcha & Mint from EatCleanTea I got really excited. They asked me to review the product and create a summer drink recipe with it. Easy -peasy. The affair …

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Review: Matcha Green Tea From Dream Matcha Tea Co

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I received this matcha green tea directly from Dream Matcha Tea Co. to review it. I love green tea and I find matcha a little bit different from the regular green tea, but I enjoy it just as much. Especially as an afternoon or evening refreshing drink and I can’t imagine eating Japanese food without drinking green tea. Now that I’m pregnant I …