The Spa Experience: Creating A Dream Bathroom In Your Home

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The Spa Experience: Creating A Dream Bathroom In Your Home

The family bathroom is an essential part of any busy household. Everyone needs to get clean every day, and if you’ve got kids; the bath becomes part of the bedtime routine. However, with so much traffic in and out of the space, and the constant need for a functional interior; your bathroom might be last on the list of rooms you’re going to update or improve. But, putting your efforts into creating a spa-like environment and adding a bit of luxury to your bathroom routines, will give you the boost you need to continue with the business of family life. Remember that once the little ones are asleep; it’s your time to unwind and relax, and get some quiet time, so, you’ll want to be able to bathe somewhere serene.

There are an array of things you can do to your bathroom space, and there’s something to suit every style of home, interior,  and budget. However, even the smallest and simplest changes can make a huge difference to the ambience and relaxing atmosphere of the space. It’s time to head upstairs and figure out what you can and want to change so that you look forward to getting ready each day, and chilling out after the kids bedtime. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to create a soothing space in their bathroom so that they feel like they’re in a spa everytime they walk in.


Why Stick To Just Tiles?

Of course, there will be areas of your bathroom that require tiling, like behind your sink and surrounding your shower. However, there’s no need to tile the room from floor to ceiling; this only adds to the scrubbing you’ll need to do to get the grout clean. A spa environment often uses more natural materials like woods and stone, so think about how to incorporate these for a Balinese feel to your future bath time. You can check out Kahrs hardwood floors to get some inspiration surrounding the tone and colour of the wood you might use, and discover your tile alternatives. There is also paint suitable for bathrooms; so utilise crisp white or calming blue hues, and freshen the space with ease.

Accessories and Plants

Create a space under the sink or in the airing cupboard where you can store all the rubber ducks and bath toys quickly and with ease. You can then focus on the other elements that will fill the environment. Enhance any natural materials you’ve used by bringing in some bathroom plants. There is an array of fauna and foliage which will thrive in moisture-rich and warm rooms like your bathroom; you just need to choose the ones you like the most. Display your special toiletries; any scrubs or face masks that you received for Christmas can now be arranged around your bathtub, within easy reach. Now, it’s time to pop the taps on along with that face mask and sink into warm water so that all the stresses and strains of your week can drift away.


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