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Choose Fabric Carrier Bags for These 5 Reasons

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There are many small details that every business needs to have in order to function properly. Carrier bags are a minute detail that can make a big difference. For retail stores, there is a need for providing the customers with the option of buying carrier bags. To meet your business’ carrier bags needs you can go to carrier bag wholesalers. …

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Introducing An Ethical Energy Supplier: People’s Energy

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You, dear reader, I’m sure you have an energy supplier but I’m not a cold caller from a direct marketing company to find out why did you choose yours and if you’re happy with it. (I hate cold callers. Does it ever work?) Instead, I just want to let you know, that there’s an ethical energy company, that does business …

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Why Your Family Should Go Kayaking On Your Next Trip

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Kayaking is a really fun activity that can take you to new places that you couldn’t access otherwise. This can be really great for families who want to have a little more adventure on their travels, so it is something to consider if you want to try something new. This is why in this article, we are going to give …

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The Good Cause Of The Month: Smart Works

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As you know, every month I introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month I’d like to introduce Smart Works   What they do Smart Works is a UK charity that provides interview clothes and interview …

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See The World And Travel Cheap – 9 Top Tips If You’re On A Low Travel Budget

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I might be biased but in my view, one of the best things in the world is travel. Seeing the world, exploring different countries and cultures is a lifelong passion for me. However, travel can cost a lot of money. Before the children, we have spent all my saved money on travelling, but of course we can’t do that anymore. …

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Watermelon, Spinach and Feta Cheese Salad with Basil Recipe – The Flavours of The Summer!

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This has been my favourite salad in the past few weeks, it’s so yummy and bursting with flavours that it does make a perfect, standalone, light meal. Like lunch – especially in the hot weather. Gives lots of energy and trust me – I’m normally hungry all the time – it is quite fulfilling. It’s super healthy an nourishing as …

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A Travel Guide to Paros

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Summer is not quite over yet, so if you are still thinking of jetting off somewhere warm and sunny before the summer holidays, or the year is out, then you may want to consider going Paros! While we tend to hear lots about some of Greece’s other famous islands such as Crete, Rhodes and Santorini, Paros is still a bit …

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Bathroom Vanities Shopping Tips and Trends

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If you’re hoping to make a real style statement in your bathroom, all the while adding storage room and functionality to the space, then bathroom vanities are an ideal investment. A bath vanity can often be used as a bathroom centrepiece, and influence surrounding, fixtures, fittings and décor as such. But what was hot in terms of bathroom vanities a …

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Pearl Barley with Harissa Spiced Roasted Vegetables and Feta Cheese

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All season favourite: roasted veg and pearl barley In the middle of the summer heat, even my husband who eats meat agrees with me on craving healthier, vegetarian dishes. (I know, I will never convert him, but at least he’s willing to go semi-vegetarian as he calls it.) But he gets bored of the salad based dishes quickly, so I …

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Top 7 Most Talked About Interior Design Trends In 2018

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Top 7 most talked about interior design trends in 2018 Interior design, just like fashion, is something that changes from season to season. Which means, if you want to make sure that you are stylish, then you are going to need to keep on track of the latest trends. 2018 may be halfway through, however, this doesn’t mean that you …