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Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Bites With Buffalo and Ranch Sauce Recipe

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Another “veganised” recipe – the famous Buffalo Wings, but without the wings of the chicken! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this recipe. Just another example of how tasty vegan food can be AND without adding any fake meat. Simply the spices and the vegetable. It makes a proper dinner party or buffet table dish, trust me, …

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5 Ways That You Can Protect Green Space Around Your Local Area

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This is a collaborative post. There are many benefits that our green spaces offer us. Not only can they help boost our mental and physical health, but they also provide incredible importance to our everyday lives. Although your local government are committed to protecting these spaces, there is also a lot that we can do as individuals – to help. …

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3 Ingredient Home Made Toilet Bombs

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I’ve been meaning to make these for ages!  One thing that always stresses me out when thinking about cleaning products especially the ones are made by big brands is the thought: but how clean does a thing have to be? We are sold millions of different cleaning products most of them claiming killing every bacteria there is, removing every organism …

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Touring the English Coast by Bike

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This is a collaborative post. With over 11,000 miles of stunning coastline, the United Kingdom is an ideal place for a bike tour. In the summertime, you’re unlikely to get rain, and with the mild sun, it’s a comfortable environment to be on the road with. We can also compartmentalise the country into different landscapes. The Southwest of England receives …

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Exploring New Bike Routes in 2022

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After enduring two years of a global pandemic, many of us are ready for some adventure. As new COVID-19 developments surface on an almost daily basis, planning fun and social events has become a bit challenging. But cycling is a great recreation choice — it’s easy to socially distance and you don’t need to go to crowded places to have …

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Santa Loves STEM – Christmas Fun and Marshmallow Igloo Making

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Sponsored post. Wet and cold winter weekends are for crafting and baking at home. My girl absolutely loves all crafts, baking and any activities where she can create something new. She’s 5 and we try to encourage everything she likes but actively trying to add STEM activities too. On these occasions we normally hit a double bingo as Bobcat who’s …

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Sustainable Advantages of Window Shutters

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This is a sponsored post. No wonder shutters were invented hundreds of years ago: they were the most efficient way to insulate buildings. A lot of heat enters and leaves the house through its windows – so when the builders of the era realised this, they came up with the obvious solution: using shutters as extra layer of insulation that …

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5 Ways To Make Your Christmas Outfit Sustainable

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Christmas is around the corner and so are festive entertainment and parties! Whether you are going out, attending a family gathering or hosting Christmas dinner or a Christmas party; you would definitely want to dress for the occasion. Bring on elegant dresses, party wear or Christmas jumper – the choice is yours! Whatever is it, with a little effort and …

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Sustainable Christmas Trees With Tree Removal and Recycling Service from Pines & Needles

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Gifted item. I wrote a few blog posts over the last few years about how to make Christmas more sustainable. They are all about not going over the top with anything, buy less and buy better, normalising second hand gifts when you can and about reusing. So the real pillars of a more sustainable Christmas. The Christmas tree is also …

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Giveaway – The Twelve Swaps of Christmas – Sharing The Message of Sustainability Over The Holidays

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Written by Robbie Laing of ecomersh. 12 days of Christmas – 12 swaps – 12 prizes – 12 winners! This year has seen more eyes on sustainability than ever before – COP26 is the culmination of a general consensus that has been brewing for years now. We must act now, but how? More than ever, you will find that friend …