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Best Clean Beauty Sunscreens Available In The UK

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Some of these products were gifted When it comes to sun protection products, they are non negotiable for me. Sun damage can be serious, can cause various problems and serious illnesses including skin cancer. For someone who spent decades of her life not protecting her skin against the damage too much sun can cause, this is a little late but …

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Review: Epson ECOTANK ET‑7750 Printer

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Gifted item I thought I’ve been doing ok without a printer, it was a bit of a hassle after my old printer died to print documents but on occasions I just asked my neighbour to. print a few pages. But as the lockdown started, I realised that I desperately need one. For multiple reasons: I had to print out work …

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How to Avoid Using Single Use Coffee Cups 

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This is a collaborative post It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, a hospital, you’re a student or anything in-between – getting a takeaway coffee is a daily treat for most of us. The problem is, the paper cups we get from these places are extremely hard to recycle. Which means around 2.5 billion paper cups end up in …

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Healthy, 3 Ingredient Ice Lollies In 15 Minutes

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This is going to be the shortest recipe ever! So easy, almost a no-brainer really, I could just list the 3 ingredients and anyone can figure it out what to do with them. As you might know, Bobcat is a really fussy eater, he still doesn’t eat any fresh fruits and vegetables at all. (He’s 3 years old. When will …

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10 Vegetable Scraps That Will Regrow

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What can one do with organic, uncooked food scrap that would just go into the compost – if you have one? You can make veggie broth with them, or donate it to community gardens if you don’t have a compost, but besides of that, there’s just composting. But you can save some of the vegetable and fruit scraps going into to …

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Plastic-Free Birthday Gifts: Orchard Toys Review And Giveaway

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Gifted items We’ve loved Orchard Toys for a while. There’s plenty of reasons to love them: they are good fun, clever and educational, practically plastic-free and they don’t cost the Earth! They make a fantastic birthday gift too, I bought them on so many occasions for my children’s classmates and friends to gift them on birthdays. A new service is …

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6-Vegetable Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipe (Vegan)

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My son who has ASD is still a very picky eater at age 6. He only eats a handful of foods and as a main dish his choices are pizza, pasta or sandwich. If these are not available in a restaurant for example, he only eats some bread and plain cheese. It’s a pain, yes, but we have also learnt …

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5 Meat-Free Sardinian Dishes To Try At Home

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This is a sponsored post Have you ever been to Sardinia? Chances are we are not going to make it there this summer unfortunately, but we can still have a culinary getaway by learning about Sardinian cuisine and trying some of the traditional (and meat-free) Sardinian dishes.  The whole of Italy is a magical but Sardinia is magical but with …

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Win Lamazuna Zero Waste Cosmetics!

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If you haven’t heard about Lamazuna, they are a French cosmetics brand and they make lots of great zero waste cosmetic products like solid shampoos and deodorants.  Lamazuna After launching their very first product – the cleansing wipes – two more innovative, eco-friendly products came along: the Lamazuna menstrual cup, which I called the “Cup Féminine”, and the Oriculi – …

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Going Green With Kids: Families Trying To Live More Environmentally Friendly (Interview With Sarah Stockley)

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I’ve come up with the idea of this interview series because I realised how people feel so overwhelmed about all the bad news we are flooded with by media outlets. On one hand, the truth is, if we carry on like this, the future will be grim. On the other hand, we also need to read positive and uplifting stories, like …