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Don’t Like Your Tattoos Anymore? Don’t Worry – You Can Now Get Rid Of Them

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This is a collaborative post. Tattoos are cool. But what if you don’t want yours anymore? I don’t have a tattoo myself because I’m extremely anxious about getting one and then one day waking up and not wanting it anymore. This has stopped me getting one over the years when I actually really wanted one – but probably not for …

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ROKA Canary Wharf Review – Festive Season Menus

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This is a collaborative post. I’m a big fan of tasting menus in general and come the festive season – a lot of London restaurants offer Christmas and Festive Season menus. On this occasion we booked ROKA in Canary Wharf – which was really something unusual because the city is normally not exactly the area we visit. We had tickets …

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Christmas Season and Festive Gingerbread House Decorating – a Fantastic Event by Pandora

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Advert Blogger events are a bit of a meh to me (especially the award ceremonies) but every now and then I get an invite to a fantastic event and this year’s winner was clearly the one organised by Pandora a few weeks ago. With a few other bloggers we were invited to The Ivy Market Grill in the already festive …

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3 Great Christmas Gifts For Children With ASD From TigerParrot

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These toys were gifted by Buying toys for a small child with Autism is not easy. Bobcat has a firm affection for trains and all sorts of vehicles – but mainly trains. This is quite common with children on the spectrum, so we often visit miniature railways, the London Transport Museum and he has countless little trains and wooden …

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How to Design a Big Bathroom

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This is a collaborative post. Image Source: Pixabay If your bathroom is spacious, at least you don’t have the issues that come with a limited space environment. Yet, even with adequate space, design is just as important if you want your bathroom to be functional and practical. If you are the kind of person who loves a hot soak in …

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Why You Should Never Neglect Servicing Your Car – Drive More Environmentally Friendly!

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This is a collaborative post. The importance of car servicing should never be underestimated. Thinking that skipping scheduled car maintenance is saving you money and time is plainly wrong. It’s not only always means much higher costs down the line in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value but a neglected car poses potentially higher risk of accidents …

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Contemporary Beauty With Conflict-Free Gem Stones: Nude Jewellery Review

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Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for my honest review. I do like jewellery, but I’m not in for the boring pieces as you might know this already. I prefer handmade, custom designed pieces to match my taste. My husband knows this so whenever he buys me something for me, he makes sure that it’s a something unique, stylish …

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Christmas Toy Shopping Sorted: Wicked Uncle Review

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I have received this item in exchange for my honest review. When it comes to buying Christmas presents for the children, we can all feel a bit overwhelmed: there are so many toys available and the toy makers are coming out with newer and bigger ideas how to grab parents by their wallet. Thinking of all the adverts I came …

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How To Make Most Of Your Visit: London Transport Museum And A Child With Autism

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Be a tourist or a Londoner on a day out: The London Transport Museum is a must-see attraction of the capital. The iconic double-decker buses, the tube and the world-known public transport signs are all attractions, you can’t see anywhere else in the world. The London Transport Museum has a fantastic and historical collection of old buses, metro trains, maps …

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7 Tips For A Gorgeous Smile

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This is a collaborative post. Dental hygiene is important – especially if you have small children and you are their example as a parent! I grew up with a generation who already got their dental hygiene education early, in primary school and both my parents put a lot of pressure on that. I had dental check ups every 6 months …