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Christmas Hamper from Prestige Hampers Review and Giveaway

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I have been working with Prestige Hampers with a few times on special occasions and they just never disappoint. They are my go to gift choice every Christmas as they have not only a large selection of hampers but they have great quality products in their hampers. Hampers are my favourite things at Christmas. I love to give them and receive them …

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Guest Post: How Mindful Eating Can Stop Parents Mindlessly Munching

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This is a guest post by Neil Welsh, Nutrition Expert I don’t about you, but I don’t have time to sit in silence and really appreciate the weight of an avocado before I eat it. I mean REALLY appreciate the weight of an avocado. For many people, this is part of their mindful eating, but great results can still be …

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Cheese Board and Knife Set from VonShef Review and Giveaway

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I *might* have mentioned, that I love dinner parties! I love hosting them too, not just attending one, in fact I probably prefer hosting.  Love having friends over and chatting away whilst having a nice meal, good wine. The company that matters, they say, but I adore the old fashioned side of dinner parties too: getting dressed up, getting the …

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Homemade Pumpkin Granola Bar Mummies for Halloween

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These are so much fun to make with your little people. The granola bars themselves take about 50 minutes to make and there’s no refined sugar added – I’m not saying they are super healthy but not that bad either. It’s also a good way to save the pumpkin carving remnants and turn them into something yummy.  You can go …

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Vegan Thai Coconut Curry with Konjac Noodles

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I’m always on the look out for a bit of a different mid week meals which are easy and quick to prepare but far from being boring, like most of our midweek meals. This Thai curry soup with noodles is just perfect. It takes only 30-40 minutes to prepare and you can add more or less of the curry and …

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Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookie Bats for Halloween Recipe

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So the children were off sick today, but of course not THAT sick that they would just sit on the sofa watching telly or reading a book. Nooo. They were like, hooray no school, what shall we do today?? Requests ranged from play dough making to gingerbread men baking, so I decided to go with the latter. But then I …

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Creamy Turnip Dauphinoise Recipe

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This is my new favourite side dish! I really wanted to make something different than the good old potato dauphinoise, we all love, but frankly, it’s a bit boring. This turnip dauphinoise was prepared for a Sunday lunch – and because I normally make two main dishes anyway (a vegetarian and some meat) I try to avoid making two side …

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6 Tips For Travelling With Your Kids

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If you’d told me, 2 years ago, that I’d be writing a blog on family travel. That I would be writing posts about amazing holidays or how to handle picky eaters…. Well, I’d have laughed. A lot. And yet here I am, writing a post about my top tips for travelling with kids! Turns out a lot can change in …

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13 Halloween Crafts and Activities for Children

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Who loves Halloween? Hands up! I do like spooky fun, all the parties and the dressing up. I think it’s a good excuse to unleash your creative self and have some fun. You can even plan something for every day in October, here’s a downloadable Festive Frights Countdown to Candy Halloween Calendar which helps you to plan a little bit of Halloween …

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The Amazing Journey of a Fair Trade Coffee Bean

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Since I live in England I’m convinced, that the Brits are married to their cups of tea. But they have a secret love affair coffee. Recent figures revealed by the British Coffee Association (BSA) paint Britain less as a nation of tea-drinkers and more as coffee connoisseurs, with the total coffee consumption increasing from 70 million cups a day in …