10 Family Reunion Gifts to Bring Your Loved Ones Closer Together


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Every family has its own traditions for family reunions. Some people see the reunion as a chance to take a family vacation. Others look forward to the same holiday arrangements each year. Regardless of your family’s traditions, if you’re organizing a reunion, you might need a brief list of family reunion gifts and ideas. Such a great time should be celebrated with family reunion gift bags containing something that will evoke unforgettable memories for a lifetime.


10 Family Reunion Gifts to Bring Your Loved Ones Closer Together

Here you’ll find a list of 10 perfect family reunion gift ideas. 

Photo Frames

A photo frame is a universal gift that will appeal to many people. You can decorate simple photo frames with ribbons, paints or various stickers. If you do not have a photo of the whole family or your loved ones are not alive, you can add a deceased person to a photo using photo editing software. So your gift will become more touching and give the feeling that this person is always there for you.

photo woman memory - 10 Family Reunion Gifts to Bring Your Loved Ones Closer Together

Family Scrapbook

Collect family photos of different memorable moments. Be sure to ask for help from all family members to gather pictures. You can use small albums or create a large family book. Don’t forget to add descriptions for each photo, including the names of the participants, the location of the photo, and the date. Another option is to buy a premade scrapbook and fill it out.

Family Wall Calendar

Another gift option is a family calendar marked with birthdays and anniversaries, as well as perhaps important dates in family history. You can create such a calendar from scratch and add photos of your family to it. Such a gift will always remind your family members of happy moments in life.

Name a Star

Name a star as a gift is not just a great personalised gift for individuals, but it is also an excellent option for bulk gifts. It is a unique and memorable way to express gratitude and appreciation to a large group of people – like your family!

name a star

Family T-shirts

T-shirts are cheap, useful, and, with the right design, entertaining. There are so many ways to design family reunion T-shirts. You can come up with some funny phrase or find a group photo and put it on a T-shirt. Besides, you can turn your family reunion party into an art event and design T-shirts together. 

Shopping Bags

Want your gift to be not only beautiful but also useful? Shopping bags can be a great idea! There are different ways to turn such a simple item into a reunion gift. You can easily print a motivating phrase, pictures, or just something related to your family on it.

3D Wooden Puzzles

Searching for the perfect gift for kids? Look no further than a 3D wooden puzzle! It’s an ideal choice that combines entertainment and educational value. Intrism, a leading manufacturer of puzzles, specializes in designing interactive marble mazes that provide endless fun. With Intrism, children can build, play, and proudly display their creations.

DIY Marble Mazes

Family Tree

There are countless possibilities for creating a family tree. For example, you can cut it off the paper, design it on a computer, or make a small physical tree with hanging photo frames. It can be a heartfelt and lovely gift for each family member, so this way they will be able to cherish their generational bonds. Moreover, when creating a family tree, you’ll learn more about your ancestors, and this process can involve all of your family. 

Family Movie

Want to make something creative? How about filming a clip? You can interview all family members and ask them to say some meaningful words or share their memories of different moments. Moreover, you can find your family archives with videos and create a movie from them. 

Family Song

There are many musicians and songwriters available for any budget. They can create a song that has a special meaning for your family, isn’t this exciting? So, later, when you have a family reunion party, you can sing it all together. 

As you can see, there are different ideas for family reunion gifts. We’ve listed only 10 of them, but that’s not all. There are no limits to your imagination. Everyone engaged values family reunions as essential occasions that are enjoyable and memorable. You may use your gifts as a way to say “thank you”, that people will keep with them for years to come.


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