10 Most Popular Costume Party Ideas For Every Occasion

silent disco party


Party themes – some of the best ideas for enjoying gatherings with your loved ones. Whether the part is for adults or kids, party themes are fun and full of entertainment. When it comes to choosing the themes, there may be a lot of difficulty in picking the right one. Holidays, birthday parties, work events, or even bachelor parties need party theme ideas. And when choosing the theme, it is mandatory to choose the right decorations and clothing as well. That’s why costume party ideas seem to be the right ones to get entertained throughout the party. 

silent disco party

Why Choose A Costume Party?

Having a costume party means everyone must gather in stylish yet unique costumes. However, the costumes can be from any movie or cartoon-like Disney or Action drama. We understand how you might feel about how it will work, right? Don’t get confused, here we are to help you out and giving you the choices of 10 most popular costume party ideas. You can easily opt for these ideas for any occasion or event. So, just get dressed and join the party to have some fun and laughter all the way around.  

10 Most Popular Costume Party Ideas To Entertained Everyone

Here is the list of our selected 10 costume party themes to double up everyone’s excitement. These themes are budget-friendly and can be customized as per your demands. So, let’s begin the party by choosing the right theme and decoration!

My Top 5 Picks

The Blast Of Murder Mystery – Best For Playing In Teams

Hosting a murder mystery themed party is perfect if you have a huge list of guests. This type of party needs more people to gather around. All you need is a bunch of people to join the party in different costumes – suitable for detective versions. The murder mystery is a series of finding the killer/or a murderer like a detective with some handwritten clues. These clues and other elements will help the participants to find the real killer standing between them. This is a real fun and engaging party theme to even improve your thinking ability and problem-solving skills. 

Alice In Wonderland – Best For (Girls-Only) Party

Just for girls, yes, you heard it right! Alice in Wonderland is one of the popular costume party ideas to have fun along with girlfriends. If you have a bunch of girls (like sisters, cousins, friends, and all) then this party theme is perfect! 

Back To The 90s World – Best For Adults

Enjoy the dreamy and vibrant culture of the 90s with adults like your grandma or others. Invite your adult relatives or friends to come dressed top-notch. The 90s were a joyful time of plaid, denim, belly shirts, chunky shoes, and low-rise jeans. 

Disco Theme – Best For Holiday Parties

There is no way that a list of party themes would be complete without the addition of the Disco theme. All you need to do is find the funkiest wig or even go with the wild fringe jacket with a boogie. You can even announce a Hippie Costume competition for your guests to make the party even more funnier and full of laughter. 

The Roar Of Jungle Theme – Best For Birthday Parties

If you’re planning to host a birthday party for kids, the jungle theme is the perfect choice. In this theme, you can allow your guests to join the party in animal costumes. Kids just love the idea, party decoration, and, of course, the colorful food around. You can even try to throw some activities like a ramp walk. 

5 Easy To Host Costume Party Ideas 

Red Carpet Party Theme

Another simple DIY costume party idea is to arrange a kind of red carpet evening for your guests, where they should come in all dressed up. You can choose any idea for the costumes, like the Bollywood masala or Hollywood dream. 

Prom Night Party

This is prom night for you and your guests. Invite your loved ones to come all dressed like prom queens and kings. You should set up a focused dress theme, like the color contrast of red and black. So, everyone wears any dress but in red or black. Another idea is to invite girls in red costumes and boys in black ones. 

Seltzer Theme

Love or hate them, seltzers have totally brought over the booze game at any party and in various grocery stores. You’ve surely had a conversation (or a long discussion) debating which hard seltzer reigns supreme.

Pajama Party

Everyone’s most loveable party theme! To host a costume party this holiday season, invite your guests to their most comfortable pajama sets. This one is the most popular costume party idea for every occasion, whether it is a bachelor party or a family gathering. 

Swimming Costume Pool party

This summer, host a poolside costume party for your guests. This is one of the easiest party theme ideas with minimal spending on decorations. All you need is a large swimming pool and swimmers to attend the party in unique swimming costumes. People love to enjoy themselves in pools when the sun is giving them hard times. To beat the sunny days, it is best to throw a pool party for your loved ones! 


These 10 most popular costume party ideas for every occasion are perfect for large to small gatherings. These party ideas will surely allow everyone to wear the character they always wanted to attend a costume party. Therefore, it is important to understand that choosing the right theme should be aligned with the right decoration and food. Your guests may not be there just to wear costumes, but your food should be the best one to stay remembered. At last, parties are all about spending some fun time together, spreading laughter, and making the bond stronger. So, be the best host in the town and throw the perfect costume party for your loved ones. Share the happy moments with each other!

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