10 Ways I’m #RockingMotherhood

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When Susie from This Is Me Now  tagged me with the #RockingMotherhood tag to take part in this lovely challenge, I got a little nervous at first. I immediately loved the idea, but, really, am I rocking this motherhood thing?

Patricia from White Camellias had this wonderful idea to celebrate our achievements as mamas, the way we see them and take a little time to think about the answers.

Sorry, I thought, it mostly feels like I’m just winging it. But when I sat down to prepare my list and made the inevitable comparison to other supermothers I know, it came to me, that all of us are rocking it. We might be all so different, but we all do our best. It was lovely to read the lists from everyone in the mummy blogger tribe.

And I never say no to a fun little list making, of course. So here’s my 10 ways I’m #RockingMotherhood.

  1. I managed to overcome my fears over not being able to breastfeed. My first child was bottle fed and we combined expressed breast milk with formula top ups. He never latched properly. When my baby girl refused to breastfeed for the first whole week, I panicked. Somehow though, refusing to listen to anyone this time, I just kept trying to feed her. And she did latch after a week. I weaned her off the formula after just 10 days, and ever since she’s breastfeeding well. Whoever went through this or similar, understands why is this my number 1 achievement.
  2. I became an expert on late talking issues. My boy only started to talk when he turned two, and he was late with some other cognitive skills too, like pointing, asking for help, etc. However, I went to see all the local experts, seeked help, read countless articles and books and we eventually figured a way out how to help him to progress. He’s still behind at nearly 3, but developing a lot faster these days.
  3. He’s now being evaluated and completing the last check ups for ASD. He might, or might not be on the spectrum, doctors are now trying to find the answer. If he is, I’m completely and perfectly OK with that. I’m not at the slightest upset about it. He’s the best. He’s just a bit different.
  4. He’s also very kind, cuddly and loving. He never hurts others intentionally, which makes me very proud. He’s quite easy going and I hope I’ve got something to do with this.
  5. He’s very adaptive and cool with changes. We travel a lot, so from early he was exposed to new places and sudden changes in his routine. We also actively seek to do something new and fun every weekend as a family.
  6. Although, he’s extremely picky and has some sensory issues, I manage to provide him with a healthy diet. It takes lots of planning and trying different tricks, like how to hide meat, fish, greens and fruits in a preferably pasta or pizza looking meal.
  7. Despite of my belief (or the lack of it, that is) I get up every second Sunday and take them to church. We live in a suburban area and the number of school places are limited. We have to do everything to get them into the best school, which happens to be a church school. So, we waste an hour or two every Sunday morning but they’ll get good education. Deal, I say.
  8. I consciously cherish every moment with my baby girl. I felt so overwhelmed with my first child, probably went through a slight PND too, I hardly remember anything from the first few months. This time is the last time, we don’t want more children, so I’m trying to be in the present. Make the most of it, they are growing up so fast!
  9. We do go out. Without the kids. Not just on occasions, but fortnightly. Sometimes it’s an effort because we’re both tired and sometimes we just can’t wait for the date night. We always have fun in the end, and it always feels like the way we were before the kids. It’s kind of a reassurance, that although being a parent added extra layers to our personality (I don’t want to use the word “change”) we’re both the same person the other fell in love with.
  10. And coffee mornings, play dates and girls night outs. Well, alright, mums night outs. I’m lucky because I’m surrounded by the most amazing local mum friends.

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Looking forward to read your #RockingMotherhood moments!


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