10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

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Your garden is essentially an extension of your home. Yet it’s somewhere that many neglect to put in as much work as they do with their house. If you put the time in, a garden can be a luscious paradise where you can spend your time relaxing, growing fruits, vegetables, and plants, hosting BBQ’s and just enjoying the flowers. Yet it can also feel like a lot of upkeep, and if you are someone that doesn’t necessarily enjoy gardening, you may neglect to keep it as well pruned as you should. This is why it is important to think about what sort of gardener you are and tailor your outside space to this. If you are someone that has the time and dedication to plant seasonally and look after your plants, consider lots of flower beds and plants.

If you are someone that just enjoys relaxing in the space but doesn’t necessarily want to spend the time planting and taking care of the garden, that’s okay too. No matter your preference, you need to make sure you have a garden that is tailored for your needs and that you will want to spend time in.

If you want your garden as a functional space, look to install boabab tanks to collect your rainwater. They can be great for watering your plants all year round. If you find yourself looking out the window and feeling that it is missing something, there are many ways you can improve the space. Here are ten ways to spruce up your garden and give it an instant uplift any time of year.

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 Make your own hanging basket

Making your own hanging basket is a great way to accomplish something and also instantly spruce up your garden. A hanging basket is great for accenting a porch, filling an empty wall, or decorating a pergola in the garden. No matter the use, hanging baskets are a brilliant opportunity to get crafty and imbue your garden with colour. All you need to do is choose a basket, build a liner, and fill with beautiful plants. It will instantly uplift your garden no matter the time of year. Simply choose the best seasonal plants, and you are on your way!

Adding a mirror can make your garden look bigger

This may not be as useful in a large garden. But if your garden isn’t the biggest, adding a mirror can help give the impression that your garden is bigger and more spacious than it is. Look to purchase a large mirror and place it behind your plants or hang it on the fence. Your planting and anything else in front will reflect giving the illusion of a more spacious plot of land.

Add a bench

To make your garden look a little more appealing, adding seating can be a great way to achieve this. A garden bench can be added to be the garden’s centre piece. This can really make it look more inviting as you look out into your outdoor space. It also helps bring people into the garden as you can place things around it so that when it’s nice you can go out, sit and relax. Many ethical, second hand options add a rustic feel to your garden and are a great option.

Paint the shed

How many peoples garden have the same brown, fence-like looking shed that is just boring? Instead, spruce up your garden with a lick of paint over your shed. Painting your shed can enhance your garden and is the easiest and quickest thing to make a difference. Make sure you plan your colours correctly so that it matches the rest of the garden as you don’t want it to clash too much.

Add some decking

If you enjoy entertaining, adding some decking to your garden is a must. Decking doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact there are plenty of YouTube videos that show how you can do it yourself. Decking is a great way to update your garden and to create a space perfect for relaxing and dining. Deciding where your decking will go is also exciting as there are so many ways you can lay it out, depending on how you would like the garden to look.

Plant some plants

If you don’t want to break the bank, adding some new plants to the garden is a great way to change the feel and make it more presentable. Plants add some lovely colour to your garden and can be used to create a really nice centre piece. If you already have some pots, why not re-spray them and change the colour to add another dimension to the garden?

Treat yourself to new furniture

The centre piece of most gardens is the furniture you have purchased. If you haven’t updated your furniture in a while it may be time to start considering making a change. Although this is a little more of an expensive option, it can be great fun. By doing so you can completely change the look of your garden. A flag also dresses the garden like nothing else: It’s super easy to install one with telescoping flagpoles.

Clean your patio flooring

This may seem obvious but once done you can really see the difference. Even with a small amount of dirt, a nice, white patio can start to look dull. This can bring the overall ambience of your garden down. Consider dusting down your pressure washer and giving the patio a hose and within an hour your garden will come out looking a lot cleaner and more presentable.

Change the colour of your fencing

As with the shed, fencing as it comes is boring and a little bland. Get creative and put a new lick of paint on your fence to bring a new style to your garden. Repainting your fences will also help with the durability and help increase the lifespan of your panels. Depending on your type of fences, painting stripes in complimentary colour can create a modern, contemporary feel.

Install some extra lighting

Adding some outdoor lighting will not only help with security. It also helps light up your garden and makes it usable once the sun sets. Whether you decide to add path lights, fairy lights or any other outdoor light, think carefully about the areas you use most and what you want to highlight. You could pop solar lights in the flower beds to accent your plants. Or try wrapping lights around any building structures you have to create a cosy space once the sun sets.

Do you have any other ideas on how to spruce up your garden?

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