15 Things To Consider When Buying A House In London


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If you are looking to buy a house in London, you need to make sure that before making an offer, you are certain that the property will meet your needs and of course, not present you with any expensive problems when you move in. A good estate agent like Estate & Letting Agents in Deptford can help with all this. Let’s see what it entails.

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Have You Checked The Water Pressure?

A simple turn of a tap can give you a good idea of the condition of the property’s boiler, if the hot water is working and of course, the water pressure.

Are There Any Signs Of Condensation?

Be sure to run your finger down a window. If there are water drops or the likes, this could be a sign of poor insulation or old windows which require replacements – ultimately, additional cost.

Have You Turned Off The Background Noise?

When looking around, turn off any music or televisions. What can you hear? Potential buyers sometimes forget about this, and they are left with a property next to a noisy railway line, loud main road traffic or planes overhead.

Which Direction Is The Garden Facing?

If you’re looking at a property with a back garden, check which direction the garden is facing. Some properties don’t get any sun at the back, which leaves the homeowners disappointed during the Summer months.

Are The Walls Flat Or Bubbly?

Bubbles in wallpaper and the likes are often signs of something more sinister at play – usually damp. Try your best to have a good look at the state of the decorating and any possible damp issues that may need looked at.

Does The Property’s Drainage System Work Correctly?

Unseen problems occurring with a house’s drainage system can lead to costly repairs. Don’t worry though, many companies offer CCTV drain surveys in London to detect present and possible problems with drains.

Have You Checked Your Mobile Phone Signal?

Certainly forgot about at times but check your phone – how strong is your signal? If you’re left without WiFi, you want to be sure that your mobile phone signal is strong throughout the house.

Can You Smell Anything Unusual?

Drainage issues, blocked pipes, damp walls and more all come with a very particular smell. Make a point of breathing deeply near sinks and such as you may be able to detect these problems yourself.

Do The Rooms Measure Up?

Try and take a note of the actual physical size of each room. The living room might look huge, but if it’s only housing two armchairs and limited furniture, looks can be deceiving. Actual measurements will ensure that you can size up the spaces for your own furnishings.

Does The Property Have Potential?

If you’re viewing a doer-upper, is it worth the investment, and will you get it back if you sold? If you’re viewing a potential forever-home, is there potential to extend the property if you so wished?

What’s The Immediate Area Actually Like?

Rather than taking the estate agents’ word for it (because let’s face it, they work on commission), be sure to take a short walk round the block where the property is situated. Are there local amenities? What is the state of the surrounding area like? Are other properties well-cared for?

Are There Trees To The Front Or Back Of The Property?

Of course, big, overhanging trees can create a real picturesque look and feel to your property. However, they can actually cause structural issues and are very expensive to remove if it becomes necessary.

How Close Are Transport Links?

Most people choose to get in and around London using public transport so be sure to have a look at your closest options and how suitable they are for commuting, including bus routes, train links and the underground.

What’s The Storage Space Like?

Sometimes, this isn’t given a second thought on viewing a property, yet sorely regretted further down the line. Loft spaces, understair cupboards, room outdoors for sheds, porch spaces, consider how much space can be used for storage.

Is The Asking Price Relative To The Property Value?

Don’t forget, if you spot anything untoward or have your own survey conducted to detect issues, take all this into consideration when placing an offer on a potential property. You don’t want to offer over and above knowing you’ll have to invest in expensive repairs and restoration.

Helpful? I Hope So!

Buying a property in London, whether it be a flat or house, can be a stressful time but if you’re clear about recognising pros and cons of potential properties, you may find yourself more relaxed about the whole process. Knowing what to look for when viewing a property will give you more confidence when placing your offer.

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