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3 Best Ketogenic Supplements for a Keto Diet

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If you are on a Ketogenic diet, which is commonly known as Keto diet nowadays, you may have already faced this situation. This transition, the one with low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat train; it’s not easy. You had to eliminate a lot of foods and rely on a selective few. To make sure your body gets proper nutrients and your health doesn’t collapse, you need the right supplements.

The ketogenic diet is popular for weight loss and maintaining good health. Among many other supplements, there are 3 that will essentially improve your diet and increase its effectiveness.

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  1. Electrolyte

Electrolyte supplements are basically mineral-rich foods that consist of sodium, potassium, magnesium, or calcium. At the first stage of a keto diet, the body takes time to adjust to the low-carb situation. In this scenario, the levels of minerals like magnesium can go down as well. Gradually it can result in generating keto flu symptoms like occasional headache, sweating, or fatigue. And all of these happen due to the lack of electrolytes.

Electrolyte supplements help you add minerals to your diet and keep you on track. There are mineral-rich foods available that generally contain 1 or 2 of the electrolytes. Along with that, you can also consider an electrolyte supplement from the market or instructed by your nutritionist.

Some of the best mineral-rich foods are:

  • Dark leafy greens

  • Avocados

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Dried fruits

  1. BHB Ketones

Beta-Hydroxybutyric or BHB is one of the 3 primary ketones your body produces during a keto diet. The purpose of a ketogenic diet is to get into ketosis, the state where your body starts producing low glucose and burns more fats. BHB helps your brain and body to get into this ketosis, which is essential in the middle of your keto diet. Consuming exogenous ketones like BHB will help you get into ketosis faster and lose weight as you hoped. It will also increase your energy levels, improve your intellectual functioning, and overall succeed the diet.

BHB Salts is a great example of a BHB ketone supplement. Although research has shown that dairy milk also contains a portion of BHB; market supplements and BHB salts are still the best way to find your way into ketosis. Keto Burn Extreme is a reliable supplement that contains BHB ketones. Learn more in the Keto Burn Xtreme Review.

  1. MCT Oils

MCT is another effective and popular supplement for the ketogenic diet. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acid that is generally produced from coconut or palm oil. Once we consume MCT oils, gradually it enters our bloodstream to be used as fuel for the body. Therefore it increases our fat intake rapidly and elevates the ketone levels. It helps us stay in ketosis for a longer time, burning more fats and losing weight as a result.

Studies have shown that taking MCT oils as supplements can increase your metabolism to lose weight faster. Since MCT is not generally found in other food items, you can opt for market supplements to up your keto diet. The longer you are in ketosis, the more you lose weight and make progress to better health.

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