3 Important things To Know About Before Installing Central Heating

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Do you think is it time to update or upgrade you heating system? Maybe you just bought a house and you wan to start your new life in your new home by making sure your central heating is up to date for the next few years. Electric radiators a modern solution to heating your home. But where to start? Well let’s get clear about what system you have at the moment and what would work best for you. For professional advice you can visit 2 RED for central heating help

There are 3 main types of central heating systems

  1. ‘wet systems’ involving a boiler/heat exchanger and radiators where essentially the hot water travels through a system and  radiators supply the house with warmth.
  2. storage heaters, which is an electrical form of heating, designed to take advantage of cheap, mostly night time electricity in order to reach more cost-effectively heating.  
  3. warm air system, which works by a boiler heating the air, normally with the help of natural gas, and fed via ducts to rooms around the house.

Next, look into what type of boiler you have and which one to buy.

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Combi boiler and a conventional boiler

A combination boiler doubles up as a very efficient water heater and a central heating boiler. They heat water directly from the mains which means you don’t need water storage tank. They are also very cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Conventional boilers are to be found in houses where already a traditional heating and hot water system has been installed quite a long time ago. These boilers needs to have a cold water storage tank.

Lastly, there are also system boilers: they need a cylinder for storing hot water, but the major heating and hot water system components are built into the boiler.

So, now you need to find out what’s best for you. Also, let’s ot forget about the price! The price which includes upgrading your old or buying a completely new central heating system plus the long term running costs with the swap.

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Find the right price for heating your home

Given the variety of products and companies on the market this is not an easy task, so it’s always the best to get central heating quotes to see your options. 

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