3 Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Home This Winter

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Shorter days, worse weather, and leaving for and coming home from work in the dark…yes, the winter is here. It can be an uphill struggle to find ways to bring a little light and warmth into your home at this time of year. But there is no need to resign yourself to gloomy spaces for the next few months. There are many easy steps that you can take to make your home feel a little more like your own this winter. Here are just a few suggestions.

Let The Light In

This can sometimes be a little easier said than done but finding a way to let sunshine into your home is so important. If you do not live in a space that is blessed with a lot of natural light, then you might need to get creative. It is really important that you find a way to bring light into each of your rooms, particularly if you or your partner are still working from home.

Standing lamps are always a good and easy option, and LED lightbulbs are a great way of saving money on energy bills. If you do find that a lack of light impacts your mood, then think about investing in a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp. It could make a big difference to your winter.

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Put Your Own Touch On Things

Often when we move into a new home, we tend to focus on big changes. There are the projects that we know that we need to get done as soon as possible, whether that is swapping out the kitchen appliances or getting that piece of furniture that you hate out of there.

With all the stress that comes from moving house, the smaller personal touches can tend to get lost in the chaos. Incorporating something that feels uniquely you to your home can really help to make it feel brighter and more like home. Think about adding something like these Banksy art from Wallboss. Wallboss has a fantastic range of different high quality wall art stickers and decals to help you bring your personality to your property.

Get Out In The Garden

Now, the winter may not seem like the time of year to put on your gardening gloves and get out into your green space, but the fact of the matter is that there are always little projects that you can do to make your garden feel brighter and more personal. Start doing some research to see what kind of preparations you can make for the spring and what maintenance you can do to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Find out what kind of local wildlife could be making regular stops and see if there is anything that you can do to encourage them. Remember that there are a lot of garden bird species that need our help and adding a water bath or a bird feeder to your garden is not just a way to enjoy some feathered company to your schedule. It is worth noting that you might have to check for ways that you can keep your pets out of the way, though!

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