3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

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Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce the impact their lives have on the environment. Reducing a home’s carbon footprint is a popular way to have a more positive impact on the world we live in, as it can also reduce a lot of common household bills.

Here is our quick guide to three simple ways that any homeowner can use to reduce their carbon footprint at home, and often reduce some of their household expenses too.

Switch to Energy-Efficient LED Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs can use a lot of electricity, especially old-style incandescent lightbulbs that often use 40 or 60 watts to light just part of a room.

The technology that energy-efficient lightbulbs uses has changed a lot over the last decade, and some now use even less energy than the compact fluorescent bulbs that you may be used to. LED lightbulbs, for example, can use as little as 4 watts of energy to give the same lighting effect as a 40-watt incandescent bulb; a tenth of the power!

At Any Lamp, you can find a wide range of LED lightbulbs to suit just about any kind of lamp or light fixture. Any Lamp LED lights are professional quality lightbulbs, at trade prices. This allows you to change a lot of lightbulbs for less. The switch to LED lights will soon pay for itself with the drop in your energy bills, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint at home.

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Switch to an Electric Vehicle

This can be an expensive step to take in the short-term, but it can make a huge difference to your carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are at last becoming competitive with petrol-powered cars, in both range and purchase price. These cars use high-tech battery technology to give their users a range of more than three hundred miles, and in some cases, five hundred.

They charge much more quickly too, with rapid charging stations capable of giving users around 50% charge in about thirty minutes. Even when connected to a conventional mains supply, they can charge more than half of their capacity overnight, giving you a daily range of around 150 miles from your home’s electricity supply. The cost of charging can be less than 10 pence per mile in some instances, saving you a lot of money on petrol or diesel.

Switch to a Green Energy Supplier

There are many energy suppliers now that offer exclusively green energy. Some even use carbon offsetting to make the natural gas they supply net carbon zero.

Switching your energy supplier is now easier than ever, and often comes with some benefits. Many suppliers offer bill credit or cash back for switching, or will pay for any exits fees you incur by leaving your current supplier. Energy suppliers that offer green energy use wind farms and solar power to provide energy, and in some cases nuclear power. These forms of power generation do not burn any fossil fuels like coal or oil to generate electricity, massively reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

These three simple steps can make a massive change to the amount of carbon that you, your family, and your home produce. They can also help you make savings on some common household bills!

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

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