3 Ways Of Making Your Kitchen More Efficient


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There’s nothing worse than an inefficient kitchen when you come home from work and all you want is to make dinner and go to bed. Your patience is thin from a hard day at the office, your kitchen should never be fighting against you. Yet, we set ourselves up for failure but not paying attention to the signs our home is giving us. Your appliances and fixtures will give off telltale signs of wear and tear. This lets you know you either need to clean and maintain better, or you simply have to replace a few things around the kitchen. If you want a powerhouse of a kitchen, here is what you should do.

Efficiency starts with windows

A kitchen that cannot maintain its temperature is always going to put you on the back foot. Kitchens are designed to get hot, else food would take longer to cook. If your windows are not efficient and designed to push heat back into the center of the room, your meals will do just that. Firstly, you need to consider getting triple glazed windows instead of double. Times are changing and we’re figuring out that double glazed simply delays heat transfer out of your home, while triple-glazed, traps and pushes heat back. Make sure there are no gaps in the silicone so heat isn’t finding little crevices from which to escape.

Replacing a tired part

If you think about it, kitchens are the most used part of the home. No other part of the home does you see appliances getting used over and over, multiple times a day. The cooker is a prime example, as we generally use it at least twice a day. Over time, your hub will begin to get loose from the constant expanding and contracting. If your cooktop isn’t heating as it should, then buy a spare part such as a large surface element. At around $20, this is a far better use of your money than to call out a handyman service. There are tutorials you can watch to basically fit any replacement part to your cooker at home. It takes a little elbow grease but it’s better for your finances too. Making your kitchen more efficient is a no-brainer.



Right under your nose

One of the worst problems a kitchen can face is also one that is usually staring you in the face. When a refrigerator cannot seem to keep your items frozen, there is a large chance that your door isn’t sealing shut properly. Many times, this is simply due to ice building up around the seal and above the trays. Large structures of solid ice prevent the coil from working as efficiently as it can as it constantly derives more power to prevent the temperature from dropping. Yet the internal cold is being heated up by the gaps around the door. There’s no other solution other than to empty your fridge and turn it off to allow the ice to fully melt.

If your kitchen is not the hottest room in the home, it’s not doing its job correctly. Make sure you have eco-friendly windows and properly maintained silicone. Replace old parts that are no longer up to scratch by ordering them online. Making your kitchen more efficient is easier than you think!

Would you like to make your kitchen more efficient?

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