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3 Ways To Brighten A Dull And Boring Bedroom

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According to statistics, 70% of homebuyers in the UK complain about the inadequate space in their bedrooms. Considering that most UK houses are described as ‘shoebox’ centres, it is not too surprising that most bedrooms are plain, small and leaves almost no extra room for decoration. However, a small bedroom space should not deter you from brightening it up with design themes. On the contrary, you can do things to highlight and transform it from boring to vibrant. For more information on how you can do this, please read to the end.

bed bedroom interior home

Change old bedding and bed frames

Sometimes, all you need to transform a boring bedroom into a brighter one is new bedding. Old beddings tend to look faded, worn out or spotted. In other instances, pillowcases get lost or torn, and you’re compelled to use mismatched pillow coverings which do not complement your bedspread. All these take away from the appeal of the bedroom. While you consider changing your bedding, take another look at your headboard. What does it evoke in your bedroom?

According to interior decorators, a headboard is the crown of the bed. For that reason, it deserves to make a statement in the bedroom. However, if you’re not ready to change the bed frames altogether, you can be creative with headboards. Fortunately, you will find wallpapers designed purposely to mimic a headboard. Just get the right size that complements your bed’s width. If you want to add some creativity, you can repurpose an old headboard to suit your new bedroom look.

Update bedroom lighting

Is the only lighting in your bedroom a lightbulb fixed into a ceiling socket? Or, is it encased in an old frosted bowl that restricts illumination? Bedroom light fixtures come in different designs and can be bold or subtle to complement the theme in the room. For purposes of brightening your dull bedroom, you have several lighting options at your disposal.

First of all, wall lights installed on both sides of the bed create a framed space for your sleeping area. The definition that wall lights create projects the bed and everything in that space. If you have a bedside table, adorn it with a lampshade which will cast a soft glow when lit at night. According to interior designers, ideal bedroom lighting should have two distinct levels of illumination. These are bright and soft glows. Depending on which one you need at any point, you can switch to the other.

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Change your dull rugs

According to Flooring direct UK, the standard flooring in UK bedrooms is carpet or hardwood. The latter alone can be dull when left bare. That’s why it’s recommended to replace old rugs with new ones. If you’ve never used them for your bedroom floors, now is the time to consider them. A patterned floor rug with fringe will look great in the centre of the bedroom. Otherwise, you can switch it up with a fluffy and colourful bedside rug. For safety purposes, it is recommended to use non-slip bedroom rugs to avoid accidents.

Lastly, do not forget your curtains and window dressing in general. You may want to mix voile curtains with thicker fabric drapery to create functional layering. This way, the thicker curtains will block out external lights at night. However, during the day, your voile will allow light through. A few strategically placed mirrors would be great additions to the bedroom.

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