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3 Ways to Use T-Rex Tape Around Your Home

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If there’s one thing any homeowner or craftsman needs, its extra strong duct tape. It’s handy to have some stored away and ready to tackle any number of projects and unexpected problems, thanks to its versatility and robustness. Here are three ways you can use duct tape brand, T-Rex Tape, around your home:

Stopping Leaks

Leaks in the home are not only highly inconvenient, they can also be dangerous. If you need to hold in a leak, turn off the water at the mains and stop the leak in its tracks by covering the crack with some T-Rex tape. This will prevent any further damage, especially to your carpets. T-Rex tape is waterproof and has an aggressive adhesive that will ensure it stays stuck.

duct tape

Household Repairs

As well as leaks, T-Rex tape is great for a whole host of household repair jobs. Got a broken fence from a recent storm? Tape it up! There’s a hole in your hoover tube or garden hose? Tape it up! Even if it’s not a permanent solution, it can be used to tide you over until you’ve found something better.

Protect Your Flooring

If you have wooden flooring that you don’t want to scuff, you can stick the tape to the bottom of your furniture legs.

There are so many other uses for this type of tape, such as patching up a tent or removing lint of your clothes. Such a useful and multipurpose item should feature in everyone’s toolbox!

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