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4 Meaningful Ways to Pay Tribute to Your Parents

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Losing parents can be a very difficult experience if you were close to them. You remember all of the good memories you made and wish that you were able to thank them for their love once again. You still can. All you need to do is keep their memory alive and pay tribute to them.

You might want to organise a beautiful and touching funeral service for them, emphasising the depth of your love and admiration for your parents. If your parents had any last wishes, honour them to a letter. Volunteer or support the causes your parents were most passionate about.

If you have the money, consider visiting the places they always wanted to see but could not. Finally, live your life to the fullest and do everything to achieve personal happiness. Below, you will find more comforting details about honouring your loved ones in the right way.

man woman couple sad

A Beautiful Funeral Service to Your Parents

A funeral service is probably the first event you’ll host after the death of your parents. It’s also an opportunity to show gratitude for their love, guidance, and support throughout your life. A well-thought-out and touching funeral service is a great way to pay tribute to your loved ones. However, to organise it properly, you need to consider a few things first.

You probably have attended a few funerals in the past – some were beautiful, and others were less appealing. Try to remember these funerals and remind yourself of the great ideas there. Then, think of the kind of funeral you want to organise and start planning it.

Once you’ve decided on the type of funeral you want to host, you can begin making all the necessary arrangements. Funeral flowers are of vital importance for a funeral ceremony – they should be tasteful, simple, and elegant in order to match the solemn mood. You can also have your parent’s casket spray-painted with their favourite colours or symbols. Also, consider having some of their favourite flowers placed on the casket.

You should also consider having a special eulogy prepared. In it, you can talk about your parent’s life and tell guests what made them special to you. You can also have a few relatives and close friends give their own eulogy – this is a great way to share memories and show appreciation to your parents.

When organising a funeral, remember about the costs. Does life insurance cover funeral costs? Well, it depends; in most cases, only some of your funeral expenses might be covered by the insurance.

If your parent was religious, consider having a priest or minister conduct a short religious ceremony at the beginning of the funeral service.

Honouring Their Last Wishes

Even though your parents have passed away, they still have a few wishes they would like to see fulfilled. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what their last wishes were – there are many ways to find out. You can ask some of their close friends and relatives about it, or check if their last will mentions anything.

Once you know what their last wishes were, try to fulfil them–- it will be a great way to say “thank you” for the love and care they have given you. These wishes can include anything – from a favourite song played at the funeral to burning some important documents or possessions.

There’s also a chance that your parents want you to do something they couldn’t do on their own. Perhaps their old age prevented them from visiting their family in a different country. Or maybe they wanted to make up with someone but passed away before they could.

However, put your own well-being first. If you don’t feel like you can fulfil your parent’s last wishes at the moment, then wait for the right time. For example, restoring their beloved old home to a pristine condition might be impossible right now due to your financial situation.

Talking about last wishes of your parents, you might want to sort out yours in time. Writing a will to sort out what happens after you have passed away is an invaluable gift for your loved ones. The last thing what you want is them to deal with everything on the top of their grief. Check out this will kit which helps you to simplify to write your will. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Supporting Causes Your Parents Cared About

If your parents were passionate about a particular cause or a certain organisation, you might want to consider paying tribute to them by supporting the cause they cared about. For example, if your mother was a member of a local animal shelter, you could make a donation to the shelter in her honour. If your father had been volunteering at a nursing home, you could volunteer there yourself.

There are also many other causes you can support that your parents probably would have been proud of you for. It can be a charity organisation fighting against diseases, a school fundraising campaign, a political party, and so on.

Achieving Happiness on Your Own

Fulfilling your parent’s last wishes is a great way to pay tribute to them. However, there’s another meaningful way you can honour their memory – live your life to the fullest and try to achieve personal happiness.

Even though your parents are gone, they’re still with you in spirit. They’ll always be proud of you and will want you to be happy. So don’t let their passing be an excuse to give up on your dreams and goals. Instead, remember all the good times you had with your parents, take their love as your inspiration, and start living your life to the fullest. Think about what really makes you feel happy and grateful to be alive, and then do it.

You might have dreamed of travelling the world or writing a book one day. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn a new language. Or maybe you have been passionate about painting or sculpting. Whatever it is, try to achieve it – it will make you feel better, and your parents will be proud of you. After all, a child’s happiness is often the greatest dream of parents.


There are many ways to honour your parents, and the ones mentioned above are just a few of them. Try to think of your own ideas and include them in your tribute. You must keep the memory of your departed loved ones alive – this way, they’ll always be with you, and you’ll always feel their love and support.

Honour their lives by making the funeral service as beautiful and meaningful as possible. If possible, fulfil the last wishes your parents had and support their causes – it will make them proud. Also, try to be the best version of yourself possible and live a happy life – the biggest dream any parent can have. Good luck!

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