4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine the Best Place To Install a Pergola

pergola garden patio

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Thinking about adding a gorgeous pergola to your yard but not sure where to install it? No matter where you choose, when you invest in the best modern pergola, it’s the ideal way to accentuate your patio or garden (or both).

Deciding where to place it depends on what your goals are for your yard and the pergola itself. In addition to a decorative beauty, pergolas can do many other things, such as add shade where it’s needed, provide a stable support for climbing plants, and much more.

So where should you place your new pergola? Here are our top suggestions to ask yourself as you get started planning!

pergola garden patio

1. How Much Shade Do You Need?

It’s wonderful to have a place in your yard where you can enjoy the feeling of the sun’s rays when you want to be warm and toasty. You may even have flowers that need direct sunlight to survive! But what about when a little shade is in order?

When you can choose between grabbing a chair to sit in the sun and enjoying the shady spot of a pergola, you get the best of both worlds. Decide whether you want the structure to block the sun all day or at certain times, and place your pergola accordingly. If your plants need a combination of sun and shade, try to find a spot that covers the noon-to-three o’clock sun, when it’s highest overhead.

2. Will Your Pergola Be Multi-Versatile?

You already know that your pergola is a great spot to rest and relax in the beauty of your garden. But it can function as other things, too!

Do you plan on using your structure in other ways? Maybe you’ll install a swing for the little ones in your home or set it up to host game nights or dinner parties. If so, consider placing it closer to the backdoor or in view of a window so that you can easily get to and from your kids or guests.

On the other hand, if your main purpose of a pergola is to be alone, find the quietest place in your yard and install it there. Decorate it with all the furniture and accessories that help you feel peaceful, and turn it into your safe space away from others.

3. How Much Privacy Do You Want?

Do you already have a high, fenced-in yard with all the privacy you need? Or are you hoping to get a little extra seclusion with your pergola? Depending on that answer, you’ll know if you want to install your pergola away from your neighbors or in the middle of your yard.

If privacy is your goal, though, you can add more to the structure to make that happen. For example, consider investing in a pergola with side paneling and covered screens. Decorate with heavy blinds or drapes and install mood lighting instead of bright lights.

4. What Kind of Surface Are You Installing On?

Typically, you can place a pergola atop most surfaces. However, be cautious about where you install yours, as you won’t be able to get to the area underneath the structure easily.

You might not want to put your pergola over your septic system. If you have plans to extend your patio or install a pool, be sure the placement of your pergola won’t interfere with those future plans.

With a pergola, your yard is instantly made more appealing. But when you place the structure optimally for your needs, it will be something you can enjoy for years to come.

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