4 Reasons to Choose Refurbished Tech

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Many times I have discussed on the blog just how much tech waste are we producing – only us in the UK, on average, a yearly 23.9 kg per person e-waste is generated. That is an insanely big number! This is partially, because many people prefer to buy new tech. Often not knowing that there is refurbished tech is available and that they are a great way to cut down on electrical waste as well as save money for us!

typing laptop computer: create beautiful content - Reasons to Choose Refurbished Tech

The environmental issue with e-waste

We should avoid at all costs to sending e-waste to landfill. We could save millions of tonnes of CO2 if we recycled our old electricals, instead of binning them. Precious materials wasted and not being recycled.

But also, not just creating waste that is a problem, but we also have to take into account that producing electricals also creates carbon emissions. All newly manufactured tech has in fact a big carbon footprint. A newly manufactured laptop has a carbon footprint anywhere between from 161 kgCO2e up to 334 kgCO2e, depending on the brand. 

What is refurbished tech?

Refurbished does not mean second-best. On the contrary! It’s the same as new: high-quality, big brand tech: lap-tops, phones, tablets and more.

Traditionally, refurbishing means enhancing the gadget’s appearance and functionality. This can mean cleaning, previous data-erasing, grading and adding previous and original accessories. It can also mean replacing batteries or other defective components or screen. This is where grading becomes important.

Generally speaking, refurbished tech is thoroughly checked, every function tested, cleaned up and fixed. How do we know it’s true? Reliable refurbished tech shops are easy to find online and all their certifications should be available for you to access on their page.

Take for example laptops. Refurbished laptops from The Renewed Store come with the assurance of quality and reliability, backed by the BSI Kitemark™ certification. They also have an extensive range of refurbished laptops from leading brands – which is also a sign you can trust when it comes to refurbished laptops. 

Refurbished vs used

Refurbished does not simply mean used. And if you swap around it’c completely untrue. Buying used gadgets on Ebay and other similar sites are a complete gamble. There’s no guarantee whatsoever that the item is in the condition they described it. However choosing refurbished from a reputable seller means it IS exactly in the condition they described it and they offer warranty too for your peace of mind. 

Why choose refurbished tech?

There are many reasons to choose refurbished phones, laptops and other electrical and tech items. By buying refurbished tech – you get a piece of brilliant technology – plus some more perks! I’m going to list the 5 main reasons.

1 More affordable

I have all my tech in the past few years bought refurbished. All. My Mac, my Iphone, the Ipads I bought for the kids. We saved thousands of pounds doing this. They all work fine, if you do your research, you simply can’t go wrong. Buy from a trusted and reputable shop. A new Iphone newly cost nearly £1000 but if I choose the one before the brand new, that is also refurbished I pay at least 50% less. And how often do you drop and break them? 

2 More sustainable

Well, it’s not just more sustainable, it’s the MOST sustainable way. Just like buying anything pre-loved, second-hand and refurbished or even upcycled, it’s the most environmentally – friendly purchase decision you can make. And it can be anything, these days, you can even buy refurbished mattresses! There’s nothing more sustainable than keeping an item in use, extending its life and not throwing it away. By which I even mean, recycling. 

3 The same big brand gadgets

Another advantage of buying refurbished tech, that they are the very same goods from Apple, Acer Lenovo, HP, etc. Not some sort of a knock-off, but the same item. Which means you can trust the quality and the design you get and you won’t compromise on functionality either.

4 It’s safe

It’s perfectly safe to buy refurbished tech from a reputable seller. Check if they offer 12 month warranty for the tech – that is one good sign towards trustworthiness. Check if they are graded – often meaning A is in excellent condition, B meaning good condition and so on. Free delivery and easy returns are also a good sign.

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