4 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade the Family Car

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Through the years, the car usually performs an admiral service for the family. It ferries the kids back and forth to school and for extracurricular classes, takes mum to the gym, and the family to the supermarket. Plus, it’s used for the occasional long-distance trip for a holiday too. However, there comes a time when a vehicle upgrade is needed to avoid driving the car into the ground! Here are four signs that it’s time to upgrade the family car.

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Breakdowns & Failed MOT

One of the signs that your family car is suffering is when it keeps breaking down on the side of the road. This can leave your family stranded until the AA or RAC comes out, assuming you have a membership with one of these UK emergency services. When it comes to the annual MOT, you may have recurring issues that keep getting flagged up. Many repairs must be carried out for the vehicle to pass the next MOT test. If the expense of repeatedly repairing the vehicle is increasing the ownership cost, at a certain point, it makes sense to replace the car with something more reliable.

Extra Costs Associated with Older Vehicles

To encourage people to upgrade to less polluting, more energy-efficient vehicles, the UK government, (and others around the world) are bringing in new rules and potential penalties for car owners. For instance, the Congestion Charge and ULEZ rules in London now charge just to enter the capital in a car, but also when doing so in a vehicle that doesn’t pass EU emissions rules. The combination is over £22/$27 per day, and it could rise further in the future.

Switching to an electric car avoids the emissions charge or others that may come into effect near where you live. However, you might not yet be that familiar with electric vehicles. You can test your knowledge if you fill in your answers here for a quiz from ElectriX. They’re creating an ecosystem for electric car owners to encourage their rapid adoption.

The Car Is Now Too Small

An expanding family with a need to fit a stroller in the boot and a baby car seat or two in the rear may suggest that a larger vehicle than a hatchback is now required. Larger vehicles can accommodate more people, along with more space for luggage when going on extended trips. Adding a roof rack or a rooftop box is possible with larger vehicles that can support them too. So, any family that’s more active on holidays can pack some outdoor gear too.

The Car is Rusting Out

Most vehicles will eventually rust, despite having protective coatings. While rust protection and other systems can do wonders with it now, it doesn’t miraculously fix it. The car’s structure will be weaker with rust at key points, which is a concern with a family car.

A vehicle pile-up on the motorway could cause more damage than it otherwise would. Safety-conscious families may wish to upgrade their vehicle to get something sturdier and safer going forward.

When it’s time to replace your family car, you’ll know. It’s just a question of what vehicle to replace it with at that point. Electric should be a strong contender, and it’s well worth a look.

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