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4 Things Only Mums Give Up For Their Kids

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
mother and child

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Parenting is tough and at times it feels as if you are failing. Every mother has been there at some point in their motherhood career. Your own parents probably feel the same now, and their kids are grown-ups and have children of their own. If anything puts being a mum into perspective, it’s this.

Being a supermum isn’t the goal. It’d be nice, but the aim is to get to the otherwise relatively unharmed. To do that, women around the world act selflessly for the sake of their sons and daughters.

Here are four things you will have given up once you realised you were pregnant.

mother and child

Cigarettes And Alcohol

Oasis once sang these two things were the only thing living for, and they had a point up until that positive test. Once another person’s life was in your hands, and your womb, the idea of drinking and smoking wasn’t appealing. Sure, there were times when you were desperate for a stiff drink and fag, yet they faded away pretty quickly. Plus, Vape Shop and Nicotine patches made the transition straightforward enough. What makes mums incredible is that most will stop smoking forever to set a good example. You might have a drink but a girl’s got to have a vice!

Your Body

Giving birth is a beautiful thing, right? Well, tell that to your body once the process is over. To be truthful, it doesn’t end in the hospital because the after-effects are extreme too. Not only is there the damage to your, ahem, lady garden, but there is the cellulite and excess fat which are difficult to shift. And, let’s not get started on the boobs once the breastfeeding begins. Supermodels and famous mums get back into shape in a snap, but regular women don’t have the time, money or help so bouncing back is tough.

The Car

Your name is on the certificate of purchase yet you don’t own it, not truly. Who does? Well, that’s easy: the kids. Whenever they need ferrying around, you are the one who has to get behind the wheel and whisk them around town like a chauffeur. And, heaven forbid if they are late. Nowadays, nurseries and schools charge parents fees for not being punctual. What with the football practices and the dance lessons and Halloween coming up, you’re lucky if the car is free for the weekends. Even then, they’ll complain when they have to go to the supermarket.

A Career

Let’s not get into the gender pay gap debate because it’s too complicated. Let’s just agree that women, on the whole, give up their jobs to take care of the kids. After five years out of the game, it’s no wonder an employer won’t take the risk. Yes, a mum decides to do it, and your partner might make enough money regardless, but it’s still a big deal. Imagine not going to work on a daily basis and not interacting with adults. There is only so much Peppa Pig one woman can manage!

Mums give up all of the best things for their kids, but there isn’t a woman on the planet who would regret a thing.


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