4 Tips To Help You Get Back Into Exercise After An Injury

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When you’ve had an injury, getting back into exercise can feel as though you are starting from scratch. Your body is stiffer from not being used, and you may feel like any hard effort you put in before has been wasted. If you have had an injury, started your injury legal help, and are now ready to start your exercise routine again, you’re not in this alone. 

You may be ready to get started as soon as possible, however, it’s most important for you to listen to your body. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you’ve gone too far and that you may be overdoing it too soon, this can lead to you aggravating your injury and could leave you with more damage. 

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No matter what the cause of your injury, here are some tips to help you back into exercise

Stretch While You Wait 

When recovering from an injury you may need to keep your self immobile or at the injured area immobile. This can lead to your muscles becoming rather stiff. Rather than enabling your muscles to break down completely, ask your doctor about what types of stretches you could incorporate into your recovery process. If you stretch, it will allow you injured muscles to stay fit and it can even help with the slow ease into becoming active again. This is especially important when recovering from running related injuries.

Always Take It Easy

When you are ready to get moving again, it’s a good idea to do at least 20 percent less than you feel you are able to do. If you’ve been out of action for a while, you might want to do less than that. You need to face the hard facts, even if you could run for 5 miles straight before your injury, your body isn’t where it was before so you need to ease yourself into it. For those getting back into squats, a guide on using knee sleeves can be invaluable.

Don’t Do Nothing At All 

Where you do need to take it easy, you should try to avoid doing nothing too. You need to find a happy medium for your recovery to be successful and speedy. Going swimming or for a gentle walk is a great way fo starting to become active again. You could even try some strength training with a few lightweights. Whatever you decide to do, you need to make sure you’re listening to your body and take plenty of rest periods. If you feel any pain, you should stop immediately. Over time, you will start to see growth and be able to more of the activities that you loved. 

Apply Ice And Heat 

This will depend on what you’re doctor recommends. But, ice and heat are your best friends when it comes to recovery. Apply a cold compress can help to prevent muscle soreness after a workout plus, it’s shown to reduce swelling and pain. Heat is often used to help older injuries, dependant on what they are. It’s best to speak to your doctor regularly and go with what they recommend. 

These four tips should help you to get back to physical activity after an injury. Is there anything that you have done to help you get back to it? Please share your advice in the comments below. 

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