4 Tips to Help You Organise a Small Room or Dorm Room

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Do you have a small space you’re trying to make the most out of? Whether you have a tiny bedroom or a small dorm room, you likely need to push to use every square inch. Looking for ways to maximise your square foot usage?

Here are four tips to help you organise any small room or dorm room.


1. Make Good Furniture Choices

If you want to make the most of a small bedroom or dorm, you need furniture that works with the existing space. If the room doesn’t allow you to have a couch and a full-size mattress and bed, be aware of that immediately. The last thing you want to do is cram your room full of furniture that will make it feel small and useless.

The best small room bedroom sets will present you with a series of multi-use options. This can include beds that have drawers underneath that double as a dresser. The same goes for desks that could include chairs with storage and couches that you can also make use as a bed. 

Multi-use furniture can be the key to maximising space, because you can use these pieces for organisation, as well as everyday use. Every piece of furniture part of your small room should have more than one job.

2. Go Up with the Organisation

We spend a lot of time trying to organise things at the ground level, in and around the floor of a room. We waste a lot of space vertically. When you start to organise, go up with the organisation. Something like a shoe rack or towel rack that goes over the door can give you the ability to store things without taking up actual living space. The same goes for baskets that hang on the wall to hold other supplies. Even if you already have the back of the door put to use, command hooks can open up other possibilities to store things on walls.

3. Become Fast Friends with Rolling Carts

You want to have a side table in your room next to the bed at night. This can help you store your alarm clock, glasses, cell phone and whatever else you may need close by for the morning hours. Once you get up, though, does that side table need to exist for the rest of the day? Instead of a permanent side table, go with a rolling cart that you can move around. This can give it many purposes, so it acts more as a utility chart than a set piece of furniture.

4. Roll Instead of Fold

One of the hardest parts of fitting everything in a small bedroom or dorm room is that you cannot eliminate clothing. Clothing is essential and you must get creative as you try to figure out ways to store it properly. Growing up, you were probably taught to fold all your laundry before you put it away. Have you ever gone with the rolling approach, though? Rolling laundry instead of folding it can save a lot of space in the dresser, allowing you to store more and stay in a better state of organisation. 

Think Outside the Box

There is a lot of potentials that exist when you have a small space to think outside of the box. Make the most of that small bedroom or dorm room with these organisation tips. By using small room bedroom sets, organisation strategies, and more, you can make that tiny space feel rather large.

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