Design Ideas for Shirts: 4 Upcycle Ideas for Your T-shirts

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Many t-shirts can hold special memories, so it can be sad when you outgrow them, and they can no longer be proudly shown on display. However, that does not mean that you have to throw them out or put them in a box never to be seen again!

You will be pleased to know that there are many ways you can still enjoy your t-shirt once it’s not wearable anymore, and this piece will take a look at a couple of them.  Here are some design ideas for shirts that transform them from a simple t-shirt into something more! Let’s get into it.

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4 Design Ideas for Shirts

Make a Plant Hanger

If you are a fan of having lots of greenery around your home, then making plant hangers could be a cool way to keep some of your plainer shirts around and turn them into something a little different.They are relatively easy to make and look great when executed well. If you are not so much of a green-fingered friend, you can still make these hangers, and choose to put something else in them for display. They can be fairly versatile, so all you need is a bit of imagination!

Get a T-Shirt Blanket

A T-shirt blanket is a brilliant option that still allows you to wear your t-shirts – just in a different way. The cool thing about this option is that your t shirts can still be fully on display, which is the perfect option for people with band tees or those with different images, logos, or text that they still want to enjoy.

If you are well versed in sewing and want a challenge, this could be a project that you might like to undertake yourself. On the other hand, if you are more skilled in other areas of life, you can get professionals to take it out of your hands and make a t-shirt quilt, delivering perfect results. A collection of old band t-shirts can make the perfect quilt for yourself, or even as a gift for someone else.

Make a Headband

If you are looking for a new hair accessory that can be both stylish and have some sentimental value, look no further! Many people wear jewelry because it is special to them, so why not make a headband out of a t-shirt you love?

Take a look at this tutorial for three different inspired ideas on how you can make your own headbands out of some special t-shirts.

A Braided Basket

For something both fun and practical, a braided t-shirt basket could be the best option for you. Not only can they be really fun to make, but it will provide you with a nice, soft basket that you can use for pretty much anything when it is completed.

There are plenty of different things you can do with your old t-shirts depending on your preferences and creative abilities – and if you lack the latter, there is usually someone out there who would love to do the project for you. Repurposing t-shirts allows you to keep hold of something sentimental without putting it away somewhere never to be seen again.


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