4 Ways To Add Character To Your Home

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If you live in a house in a city, then you may have noticed all the houses in your street looking identical.

From the outside look to the actual interior layout. So how do you make your home stand out from your neighbours and have character?

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Pre-Owned Furniture

A fun one to start off with is to browse pre-owned furniture. There’s plenty of ways to do this. You can do it online through a variety of different websites, even social media platforms. Or if you’re someone who likes to see what furniture looks like in person before buying, then you’re in luck.

Every town, city and village will have charity shops selling donated furniture for good causes. They come and go daily so it’s worth popping in from time to time to see what has shown up.

Even if you don’t have an idea of what you would want, you can be inspired in shops like this from browsing.

Wall Decoration

With a lot of city houses, the walls are usually panel to panel the same. Therefore, it’s fun to mix it up a bit.

Wall panelling is a trendy option these days to offer an alternative from plain, painted and wallpapered walls.

The great thing about them is that they come pre-cut, ready to fit and are inexpensive. Check out these Shaker style wall panels from CNC Creations to see some inspiration. The MDF Shaker style wall panelling is fun as it can give homes a warm and homely feel in any room, using traditional lines.

They can offer panels made from MDF that’s easy to fit and durable. They will be able to send it as soon as you’ve measured your requirements and placed an order. Be sure to check out wall panelling adhesives too.


Adding a splash of colour is a classic method of adding character to your home. It doesn’t have to be simply wall and floor colours either, you can really let your imagination go wild here. Adding colour without painting is a fun challenge.

You could either give each room a colour plan or have a whole ‘house-style’ guide for consistency.

Some methods of adding colour easily include utilising multiple pillows and rugs or adding pictures and ornaments. Have some method to the madness so your home doesn’t become a disused rainbow.


Plants can be hard to manage and sometimes it feels like the best way to manage them is to grow them in the garden and let mother nature look after them.

But if you can become an indoor plant guru and care for them without the fear of death, then they can become a great way to add character.

The fun thing about plants is that there are literally hundreds of options for species. Even when you get down to the species of plants they can fly off into sub-species and even then, they can be a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Bear in mind that certain plants will require specific climates to be met and also have different needs. There are low-maintenance options if you’re worried or just getting started in plant care.

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