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4 Ways To Make Your Home Décor More Personal

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When you have a family, it is important that your home is somewhere that you can spend time together and feel comfortable in. One of the best ways to do this is to try to make the décor a bit more personal. You might pride yourself on staying on trend with your interior design, but it is possible to have a nicely decorated home and still have some personal elements. In this blog, we are going to discuss some ways that you can make your home décor more personal. Keep reading to find out more.

Create Your Own Space

If you have a space in one of your rooms that could be used as a personal space, you should think about decorating this to suit you. This could be your very own reading nook, the place you do your work or even where you play video games It doesn’t matter what you do to relax, you should have your own personal space that you can create in the way that suits you. This will make your home a lot more personal.

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Add Some Art

Of course, art isn’t always personal as most of the time the artist is unknown but one of the great things that you can do is turn a photograph into a painting. This type of wall art is great as it can add a personal touch to your home while adding some stylish art. Think about getting a family photo or a photo of your pet turned into a painting and you’ll love the personal touch. Or a fine piece of art print made with digital printing.

Your Kids Rooms

If you want your kids to have a personal aspect to their rooms, then you should think about creating a design on their walls that say their name. If you’d rather not have their name painted on the wall, then you could think about decorating the room to suit their personal likes. Don’t turn your kid’s room into an interior design masterpiece, this is their own space, so it should look how they would like it.

Add Some Mementos

Our final idea for those who want to make their home décor a little more personal is to add some mementos. Think about some of the tickets and photographs that you have collected over the years. You could add a pinboard to your kitchen or bedroom and add these to create a more personal touch. You could also think about framing these things and placing them around your home. This will give you something to look back on and they will be kept safe if they are hanging on your wall.

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Adding a personal touch to your home décor does not need to ruin the overall design. It is easy enough to incorporate some of these ideas in order to still have a home that looks nice. Think about getting some of your photographs turned into paintings or hanging your old travel souvenirs on your wall and you’ll feel a lot more at home.

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