4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Interiors Today

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Not all interior designs will do it for you. Sprucing them up can fix that quickly and without too much effort involved.

Here are 4 ways to revamp your interiors by putting a little careful thought into it.

Upsize or Downsize the Furniture

When moving into a new home, sometimes the furniture that we bring is too much for a given room. It can either be too small for the square footage or the opposite is true. Especially when downsizing, the furniture can be too large for the room. It can effectively shrink the room size and make moving around feel restrictive.

Take a fresh look at each room. See how much open space there is. Is the existing furniture crowding the space or does it look too small for it? Will an additional piece of furniture make the room look more complete or more functional? Or should the older, smaller furnishings now be replaced with larger pieces that will accommodate the space better?

Based on your conclusions, make changes accordingly.

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Reconsider the Fabrics and Colours

Vibrant colours can brighten up the home. When you walk into the room, your mood is elevated. If you’re in a place that tends to be gloomy on overcast days and it drags the mood down, a colourful interior space can aim to avoid that tendency.

Look to increase to at least three colours in any room. Two is fine, but a third one can be used to accentuate what’s already there or to add contrast. Home accessories like a strategically placed lampshade, some plush cushions on the sofa, and other elements do wonders.

Get Sophisticated with Ceiling Cornices

A cornice is a decorative plaster that brings a new element of refinement to the ceiling. For plainer rooms that need something extra, cornice services are to be recommended. Other furnishings like a quality lamp or an ornate rug can lend a room something extra, but a cornice is distinctive and separate, especially in a period property. They can also be understated too if you’re not a fan of fussy appearances.

If you are looking for cornice services in the Edinburgh area for instance, then choose a team with many years of experience with ornate interior plastering work like Ornadec; they can make appropriate design suggestions and providing competitive quotes for all types of plastering work, including coving and panel moulding.

Fill the Home with Plants

To create a more natural, liveliness to any room, adding some plants is an essential step.

Consider whether you wish to add colour and texture, or a pleasant fragrance as well. Some flowers are more fragrant than others. Tall ones make a statement, but little, less fussy ones are ideal for small corners or areas without other adornments.

And if you often forgot to water plants in the past, then set a reminder in your agenda app. These are especially good for the weekend when you can jump right to it and be done in just a few minutes.

There are many ways to bring something extra to the interior. Aim for a mix of small and larger ideas to find the right balance.

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