5 + 1 Ways of How to Create Beautiful Feature Walls

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Feature walls have been around only for a few years – they are very popular at the moment. The reason for that is, that just by changing and re-designing one single wall of the room can make a big difference. Another reason might be, that you only need to re-design ONE wall only instead of the whole room – which makes it less expensive. Feature walls can be incorporated into any room and space, working well with any style and interior design. They are of course most commonly used in living areas like sitting room or dining room. 

If you have decided to create a feature wall but you’re not sure how to do it and what would you like, read my tips.

5 + 1 Ways of How to Create Beautiful Feature Walls

1. Brick slips

These are great if you want to create a rustic, vintage look or they could work well with industrial design elements as well. Red brick tiles give the impression of a distressed or reclaimed brick and they would also look great around fire places. They offer a natural look and they look like real look brick wall. Their versatility of thin brick veneer Canada allows you to achieve an authentic brick wall appearance without the need for a major renovation, making them an ideal choice for adding character and charm to any room.

2. Wall of frames

You can opt for a photo feature wall or a wall of paintings or prints, one thing is for sure: the more, the better! Mix up small and large frames and aim for an unruled layout. Having a feature photo wall will add a modern, almost minimalist look – as opposed to the small, standing photo frames scattered around the room.

3. Wallpaper

Using a statement wall paper, with palm leaves print or geometric print for instance, calls for attention and goes well with a lot of interior styles. If you prefer something more sophisticated, try vertical stripes maybe.

living room

4. Divide the space

When you have one large room serving two purposes like a dining room and a living room sharing the same space in a flat it’s good to use featured walls to divide the space. Make one of the room look different not just by function but in design too. Feature walls can help you with this.

5. Paint it pink

Or whatever colour you might prefer – but make it stand out! Paint the feature wall a different colour then the rest of the room – choose a statement colour for this.

pink wall

+1. Chalk it up

Chalk walls are fantastic for children’s rooms or playrooms. The children can design their own feature wall – and keep changing it as often as they want to! Definitely good for improving their art and craft skills.

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