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5 Benefits of a Natural Jute Rug

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
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I’m not the fan of carpets but I have a love affair with gorgeous rugs!  Firstly, they are a lot easier to clean, secondly they make a perfect match with wooden floors, which I also love. I have recently received a very cool looking jute bag from Land of Rugs, which is now adding some warmness and updated look to our hall. It works perfectly with the space, the colour of the floor and the furniture. It’s a Faro Jute Circle Rug in rust colour and it’s skilfully hand braided in India using 100% jute fibres from one of the world’s most environmentally friendly plants. I absolutely love it. 

jute rug

And there are so many reasons to love a jute rug. Here’s a few:

1 It’s recyclable and biodegradable

As it’s made of 100% natural jute fibres, the rug of course as sustainable and eco-friendly as it gets. Hessian (another name for jute), is a long vegetable fibre, spun into coarse strands that is commonly used to make burlap fabric. Jute rugs are often handwoven using hessian and other plant fibres.

2 Easy to clean

Vacuuming gets all sorts of dirt out of jute rugs, so they are pretty low maintenance. Regular vacuuming is all what it needs, to prevent dirt from lodging deeply within the fibres. If it gets stained, just spot clean the spill up immediately – but that’s what you’d do with any other type of rugs. If you use it in halls with dirty shoes or you have small kids and/or pets they do get dirty, lik all rugs. So, from time to time, sprinkling baking soda on the rug and allow it to sit overnight to help absorb any lingering odours is a must. Then just vacuum it. (Then again,  I have to mention shedding here, as they do shed: under the rug, you’ll often find little pieces of fibres, but you can just vacuum them up.)

jute rug

3 It never goes out of style

A little bit like expensive and antique Persian rugs… they never go out of style, their natural looks are always on trend – it has been surely for decades! They are cozy and warm, showing little ageing and they age gracefully. Their natural look means they can blend well with lots of different styles.

4 It’s cheap

My beautiful new jute rug costs only £119.- Which is a very good price for a beautiful rug. They are super affordable rugs for sure, actually jute rugs are usually much less expensive than other rugs of the same size.

5 It’s durable

The regular wear and tear don’t show as much on jute rugs as they do on other rugs. As I mentioned it earlier: high traffic areas and halls are great spots to accommodate a jute rug. Thanks to it’s thick, woven fibres jute rugs are quite durable.

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