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5 Bucket List Destinations You Must Check Off

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rome italy

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It’s holiday season which means everyone is starting to think about where they would like to go! If you are struggling to decide where your next destination will be – have a look at our list of bucket list place that you really should visit once in a lifetime.

rome italy

Sistine Chapel, Rome

When you think of Rome, it’s hard not to think about Vatican City and what it has to offer. Of course, it’s famous for being home to the Pope, but the Sistine Chapel itself pulls in quite the crowd.  It is steeped in history, with the ceiling painted by none other than Michelangelo. Although this spot is always incredibly busy – when you look up at the intricate detail of the art, you soon forget the people around you and get lost in the moment. Once you get into the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel is free to enter. You also aren’t on a timescale – which means you can wander around as you please. If it’s just the Sistine Chapel you are visiting – you can’t skip the queue, but if you plan in advance you can pay to skip the queue to get into the Vatican Museum. There are fantastic guided tours of the Vatican Museum that you can enjoy if you would like to explore everything that this attraction has to offer. There’s lots more to enjoy in Rome including The Pantheon, The Colosseum and more. Make sure you also take the time to taste some of the local Italian cuisine, and fine wines when in Rome. That’s worth a visit in itself. 

machu pichu

Go on a Trek to Machu Picchu

You will find the hidden treasures of Machu Picchu in the high slopes of the Andes. It is said to have been built around the 15th century by Inca Pachacutec. You will find temples, terraces and water channels surrounding it and is a beautiful sight. It’s definitely a busy attraction with over half a million visitors there every year. This trip does require a bit of planning. There is a maximum of 5940 people allowed in at any given time (this includes the Inca Trail) – and there is lots of demand. If you do plan on going hiking on the Inca trail to explore this ancient and mystical city – make sure you are prepared for some cold weather, rain and to be tired after your trek. It’s usually best to visit in months that are dry for the best experience. If you are using a trekking agency, make sure you shop around and ask lots of questions. This will give you an idea as to what you need to carry, how many people you can expect on the tour, and the tent situation. At peak times – you may need to organise this trip over a year in advance. 

havana cuba

Go on a Havana Tour

You will fall in love with Havana as soon as you visit it. It’s incredibly romantic – full to the brim with colours, music and of course rum. There is the amazing Habana Vieja where you can enjoy the beautifully restored streets and the Havana Cathedral. There are also lots of hidden streets that you can explore in Havana. These are the best places to visit if you are looking for a truly authentic experience. Some of the streets look a little run-down but they are perfectly safe for tourists. You can also enjoy the local delicacies of these streets. For example – you can indulge in the Guanabana Ice in some of the back areas. It also has lots of historic places for you to visit. With the Royal Force Castle – you can experience the real-life Pirates of the Caribbean and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Havana.  If you fancy a tipple – there is also free flowing rum in the bars. You are best trying some of the local bars – as they also have some fantastic live music. One of the biggest reasons to visit Cuba is the people. They are so warm and friendly that you will instantly feel welcome making your experience even more enjoyable. 

new york

Visit the City that Never Sleeps

Have you ever fancied taking a bite out of the big apple? There are tonnes of reasons why this city is on our list of bucket list destinations. First of all, it has a shopping experience like no other. You will find designer labels, boutique stores – anything that you could ever want, and if you go around Christmas time – you can even go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. It also has so many theatre shows available, you could be entertained for your entire trip. If you are a foodie – then you will be pleased to know that the big NYC is home to many a Michelin star restaurant. It isn’t short of tourist attractions either. You can visit the likes of The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and more. You can also enjoy some scenery when you take a stroll in the infamous Central Park. If it’s culture you are looking for – New York has that too. It boasts the Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and more. There is a myth that New York is incredibly expensive but if you book a book a flight on a site like https://www.flyporter.com in advance you can get some great deals. It’s not called the city that never sleeps for no good reason, there is always something to do no matter what time it is, and what you fancy. 

rio de janeiro

Visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer boasts breathtaking views across Rio de Janeiro, and it is known as one of the wonders of the world!  This powerful statue is recognised everywhere across the world – and is the most photographed place in Brazil. Whilst you are there you should make sure it is in time for the Rio carnival which is what Brazil is renowned for. This is definitely where you want to go if you are looking to party. One of the biggest attractions there is the Carnival Samba parade where you will see over 200 samba schools compete. You will find amazing floats, and vibrant costumes as well as a great carnival atmosphere.  There are lots more street parties, balls and other events during the time period which is normally around February, and there are various seating options you can choose from. The beaches in Rio are to die for too. Hitting the beach is an amazing experience, and you will find something to suit all age groups. The water is clear blue, and the white sands look untouched and unspoiled. The most popular beaches include Ipanema and Copacabana, both of which you might recognise from hit songs too!

If you are looking for some bucket list ideas, or just want to enhance your travel experience – then make sure you put these destinations and activities to the top of your list. You will enjoy a completely unforgettable trip that you will remember for a lifetime. 

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