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5 Easy Kitchen Improvements Which Will Help You Sell Your House Fast

by eva.katona@yahoo.com

Poor maintenance, foul odours, damp basements and terrible broadband service aside, one of the top property turn-offs for buyers is an outdated kitchen. It did turn-off us already twice when looking at houses to buy. Kitchen is a big job to renovate, no one wants to move into a house with an outdated kitchen. In today’s dismal property market with high prices and few buyers, you need to make sure your kitchen is in top shape. However, what if you can’t afford to remodel and need to sell your house fast? House Buy Fast to the rescue. The UK’s most trusted house buying company has put together these 5 Easy Kitchen Improvements which will help you sell your house fast without breaking the bank. Get that man and the van at the ready.kitchen improvement pin

1 Reface, not remodel

Instead of a full-on remodel, consider just replacing the cabinet door fronts with something new and modern. Not only will new cabinet door fronts have the latest styles, designs and colours, they will also have pulls and handles that instantly give a new, fresh look to the kitchen.  Add a lick of paint and some new trim, and the kitchen is instantly modernised without spending a fortune. You could also consider removing some of the upper cabinet doors, creating the open shelving look that is very up-to-date.

2 Lighting

Most dated kitchens are dark and hard to work in thanks to terrible lighting. By replacing the lighting or adding to it, you can enhance the kitchen’s appearance and instantly make the space look fresher and brighter. Choose halogen bulbs for the best results as they provide whiter light than other types of bulbs. Adding lighting under cabinets is easy and inexpensive and makes the kitchen more functional as well as more modern.


3 Let the outdoors in

Opening up the kitchen to the back garden or patio is a highly appealing addition that costs a fraction of what an entire remodel would cost. Not only is it convenient and modern to have a walkout kitchen, it also makes the kitchen appear larger. Of course, if you have time restrictions or engineering issues with adding a walkout from the kitchen, this tip is not entirely doable. In that case, consider the windows and doors already in the kitchen space and see if you can install newer, more modern styles that let in more light. Read More: 57 Tips To Sell Your House Fast 

4 Islands

A great cost-effective way to modernise the kitchen space is by adding a breakfast bar or kitchen island, which adds valuable countertop real estate and storage. In fact, kitchen islands are so popular, they are included as part of the design in most new construction and renovation projects. Adding one to your kitchen will make the space seem more modern without having to do anything but touch up the rest of the space.


5 Appliances

Old, grungy appliances or those with outdated finishes can really create an eyesore kitchen. While they are a large expense, remodelling the whole kitchen plus adding new appliances is even larger. Consider buying appliances with new, modern finishes that are refurbished or discounted because they were returned. A little homework can go a long way here to find a great deal on matching, modern appliances.

A new kitchen can add between 5 and 15 percent to the value of your home, according to NAEA Propertymark, which protects and guides consumers in buying and selling their homes. What would an extra 5 – 15% mean to you?


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