5 Eco-friendly Prom Party Ideas

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Prom parties are great fun for the graduating young people and they are a fantastic way to mark their achievements and hard work getting there. Graduation is a big milestone in high school student’s life and should be celebrated in style. Organising one is equally a big job – for sure, you want them to have the best night of their lives. But it’s not just about the students – parents and teachers feel the same way about it and proms are to celebrate together the successes of the students, the teachers and the school as a whole. It’s also a farewell to their old school – so proms are very memorable events indeed.

There are certain aspects of a prom party that remain very traditional and remain a custom: the formal outfits for both girls and boys, the elegant dinner and dancing. Nowadays though, prom parties often themed and organisers add some extra fun to make them a little more modern. 

There are so many fun party themes – in this post, I will focus on ideas to make prom parties less wasteful and more eco-friendly. So here are 5 Eco-friendly Prom Party Ideas.

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1 Rent a photo booth

Just like you can rent a prom dress – you can rent a lot of cute things like photo booths for the prom party. You don’t have to buy it or DIY it yourself when organising (that normally looks a bit dodgy!) just rent one from an experienced party supplier like Poptop Parties. Photo booths are always very popular: not only great fun but they create real memories to cherish for the years to come.

2 Use natural and plastic-free decoration

Avoid using wasteful foil and single use decoration like balloon arches and plastic confetti. Opt for paper ornaments, reusable lanterns, tipi tents, real flowers, dried flowers – there are so many beautiful and stylish options out there to choose from! 

3 Use glassware or reusable plastic

There’s nothing wrong with plastic – if it’s reusable! The single use plastic is the problem. So if you opt for plastic (and of course it’s convenient for a prom party) hire reusable plastic table ware. Or, if you want to make the party really elegant, then opt for proper glassware and porcelain. With paper straws of course.

4 Sustainable food

We all know, food is merely secondary importance when it comes to prom party organisation. Drinks are more important, let’s face it. So might as well skip the the proper sit down meal and opt for a trendy veggie food shack with vegan burgers and street food. We know that meat has a big carbon footprint and many young people are already at least flexitarian if not vegetarian or vegan so they won’t mind for sure. Sourcing a caterer locally will also make the party more sustainable. Did someone say freshly made waffles and crepes?

5 Reduce outside noise and light pollution 

If the party is outside you can use solar lights that are dimmed and aren’t so they won’t disturb wildlife (even in urban areas) and you can drastically reduce noise both indoors and outdoors by opting for silent disco. Silent disco also doubles down on the fun front because everyone can listen to their favourite genre or join together by listening the same. It’s also a great option to include neurodivergent students who an be sensitive to loud noises and flashing lights.

Sustainability is cool

Choose a cool, core theme so that people will find it exciting. And then wrap it around your low-waste and eco-friendly ideas and props. When people are happy with the overall idea of the party, it’s easier to add a few tweaks to make the party eco-friendly.  Here are a few ideas to choose from:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Great Gatsby
  • Studio 54
  • Glam Rock
  • Murder Mistery
  • Cocktail Making
  • Rustic Outdoor
  • Cabaret
  • Vintage 40’s
  • Space Future
  • Romantic Heroes
  • Cinema Paradiso

Wrapping it up

There is always a way to have the best party of your life and making it memorable for everyone but without costing the Earth – sometimes literally, because a lot of these ideas are actually make the occasion cost a little less – and high school students will be grateful for that. No matter what prom theme the school’s committee chooses, it’s important to ensure whatever you choose is something meaningful and something that all leavers would be proud of and remember for their rest of their lives.

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