5 Excellent Electric Vehicles to Consider

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There could be several reasons you’re reluctant to switch your standard combustion engine car to an electric vehicle (EV). Perhaps you like it’s dimensions and colour, or perhaps it’s simply not paid off yet. 

You might have seriously considered an electric vehicle but still aren’t sure about the battery life, the range, or the availability of charging facilities. These are all valid concerns, but EV technology has come a long way and is now directly challenging its conventional counterparts. 

The battery life on EVs continues to improve with each new launch, extending the range and improving the performance. We are now seeing EV begin to compete in performance with anything else on the market. If you’re undecided on EVs, then perhaps this list of electric vehicles to consider can persuade you.

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Kia e-Niro 

EV technology is evolving as quickly as smartphones did in the 2010s, which means the products are becoming more efficient and user friendly with each new incarnation. The Kia e-Niro is a perfect example of this phenomenon; it redefines what we can expect from an EV at this price point. 

The Kia-eNiro comes in at £35,000 for an EV with a 64kWh battery pack that can handle a range of 230 miles on a single charge, further still if you stay off the motorway. This is the kind of performance you might expect from a pricey Tesla a few years ago. 

The Kia e-Niro is one of the leading electric vehicles to consider in the market because it strikes a balance between range, usability, and affordability: primary concerns for the vast majority of EV users and prospective buyers. The only way for EVs to compete in a crowded market is to perform as well as combustion engines, and the e-Niro shows that there is virtually no difference when it comes to practicality and comfort. 

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf makes switching to an EV easier than ever. It’s a five-door, electric family hatchback that has been a market leader in the world of EV motoring since its launch in 2010. As well as being a top of the range electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf is also super affordable and benefits from a £3000 government PiCG grant. With the infrastructure for EVs on the rise – there are more charging stations than ever before in cities and at service stations – the popularity of pragmatic EVs such as the Leaf will only increase. 

To put some of your concerns to rest, the Nissan Leaf has an excellent range with plenty of charging options. The second-generation model, launched in 2017, has a 25% increase in battery capacity with an extended range of 168 miles. This range is significant and outperforms many of its near-rivals. Furthermore, it comes in a 64kWh ‘e+’ version, that boasts an increased range of 200 miles on a single change – more than enough to do the school run and get to and from work for an entire week. 

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Volkswagen ID 3 

Volkswagen ID 3 is a sleek, bright, and dynamic EV for those who like to combine personality with performance and sustainability. On the back of their crippling diesel scandal, Volkswagen has redeemed themselves with a vehicle that doesn’t require a filter at all. This car marks the beginning of a new range of neat, high-performance, inner-city vehicles from the manufacturer, designed to suit young, eco-conscious professionals. 

The vehicle is Golf-sized and rolls on big 20 inch wheels that aid acceleration and handling. It’s a rear-engined vehicle with a motor that produces up to 201bhp. Designed with handling and performance in mind, the ID 3 excels at maneauverability and low-speed response. It further benefits from a long wheelbase that increases the interior cabin space. 

Although heavier than many of its counterparts, the ID 3 makes up for it with handling and performance. Initially, this EV is likely to cost around £40,000 but is expected to drop to around £28,000 quickly. This price is worth waiting for if you want an excellent performance EV that rivals top of the range electric superminis – electrical appliance parts can be found at fisher and paykel rangehood parts.

electric vehicles to consider: the Mini

Mini Electric 

First off, the mini-electric is not a pragmatic family car with a roomy cabin and excellent range. So it’s tempting to think it’s not one of the most ideal electric vehicles to consider. But then, neither was it’s the combustion-engined counterpart. The mini had never been these things; instead, it favours compact aesthetics, pop-culture colours, and zippy performance. In short, it’s a vehicle more suited for a day at the beach than the school run. 

Despite its limitations, the Mini Electric proves an important point – almost any experience from a range of combustion-engined models can be reimagined for the EV world. The Mini Electric uses the same three-door body shell as previous models and adopts the BMW i3S power train to provide it with a respectable 181bhp and 199ib of torque. If darty mini with excellent handling is your thing, then this EV version won’t disappoint. You can have all the fun of a compact, agile sports car that is less environmentally harmful and cheaper to run. 

Hyundai Kona Electric 

Maybe you are more interested in how far your EV can travel on one charge rather than how quickly it can accelerate, or even how much room there is in the boot. After all, a better range eliminates the potential pitfalls of running out of juice on the motorway or in unfamiliar territory. This is a genuine concern for those who need their cars for work and want to get on board with the green revolution. 

The Hyundai Kona Electric probably has the best range available for its price point and is one of the best electric vehicles to consider. Its 64Kwh battery allows for a genuine 300-mile range at a sub £30,000 price – incredible value if range is your priority, and you don’t mind too much about a slightly restrictive interior. At average motorway speeds, the Kona Electric can easily manage 250 miles of range, which can be extended to 300 miles if used economically. 

There are some drawbacks to this vehicle; namely, it has a slightly restrictive interior that doesn’t quite meet the expectations of a family-sized hatchback. In terms of acceleration and handling, it also falls short, compromised by its weight and low-friction tyres. But for the price, and for what it offers in terms of on-board battery capacity, the Hyundai Kona Electric is an excellent option for the right person.  

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