5 Excellent Ways to Use Lapel Pins

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The lapel pin is having a bit of a comeback moment! Look around, and you’ll see them everywhere – from charity fundraisers to the rucksacks of trendy teenagers. More and more creators and companies alike are tapping into the trend of lapel pins, as they offer an effective and budget-friendly way to promote designs and messages, while opening up a new channel of revenue.

From artists and musicians to retailers, corporations and small businesses, makers everywhere are turning their ideas into creative, must-have lapel pins. Here, we look at five ways to put lapel pins to work for you – no matter who are you.

1) Build buzz for your brand

Even with all of the branded merchandise available, lapels pins still prove to be one of the most popular promotional items. Not only are they low-cost, but they also are incredibly popular! There’s not many promotional items that people will proudly display, and even collect, but lapel pins are the exception. When you create a unique lapel pin to help promote your message or brand, you can turn supporters or fans into brand ambassadors.

For example, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an organised motorcycle ride that raises funds and awareness for men’s health, recently created some vintage-inspired lapel pins for their riders. The charity ride brought together more than 120,000 riders in over 650 cities worldwide, all donning their best tweed and cravets, to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorcycles and raise funds for prostate cancer. The organisation designed a series of perfectly on-brand lapel pins that their riders could wear on their riding jackets to show their support and help spread the charity’s important message.

lapel pin

2) Generate additional revenue

Lapel pins can be a big business, no matter what line of work you’re in. Designers, artists and musicians alike have built successful enterprises around designing and selling unique lapel pins. Take for example, illustrator Laura Crow, who has turned her fondness for books, history and wildlife into successful shops on Etsy and Not on the High Street.

Working from the Cheshire countryside, Laura takes inspiration from her surroundings to create one-of-a-kind cards, wrapping paper, notebooks and prints. However, one of her most popular items is her range of iconic author lapel pins, which feature the likes of Anne Bronte, Charles Dickens and Jane Austin.

lapel pin

3) Host a giveaway campaign

Giveaways may seem counterintuitive, but using lapel pins as part of a giveaway campaign is a great way to promote your message, brand or project. The key is getting your freebies into the hands of the right people.

With a giveaway campaign, the goal is to connect with and introduce people to your company and inspire them to develop a long-term relationship with your product or service. Since the goal is to reach as many people as possible, you want to give away inexpensive items that have a high-perceived value. Lapel pins are an ideal giveaway item because they’re not only low-cost, but also popular and practical. As people wear them, they’ll also help extend your visibility.

4) Get noticed at events

Expos, festivals, conferences, and trade shows are all perfect places to don personalised lapel pins. For large conferences, consider designing a special lapel pin and giving them away at a booth or table. Another idea is to design a limited-edition, collectable lapel pin and offer it as a raffle prize. You could adorn the pins with special embellishments and finishes, like gold or sterling silver, jewels or semi-precious stones to give an extra special touch.

Lapel pins also make an ideal item to commemorate special moments, such as a graduation. For example, Kent University created these stunning sterling silver lapel pins that make the perfect graduation gift for alumni.

5) Say thank you

Whether you’d like to recognise the long-standing service of an employee or show appreciation for a key client, a lapel pin is a great way to go. Specially-designed lapel pins can be a valuable part of your overall employee recognition and motivation efforts. They can also help instill pride among staff and contribute to a positive sales culture.   

When it comes to lapel pins, there’s an almost endless number of ways you can put them to use for your business. The only limit is your own creativity. How will you put lapel pins to use to promote your work, brand or message?


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