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5 Favourite Activities for Outdoor Education

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
child with leaf

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Spending all day every day inside the claustrophobic walls of a classroom is sure to become boring for any student after a while, so it’s important for teachers to mix it up a bit every now and again. One great way to add some excitement to lesson time is to take it outdoors. Research shows that outdoor learning has a huge array of physical and mental benefits for children. Parents should bear this in mind too, as they can ensure their child continues to learn during their personal time. Just make sure to use the best tick repellent for humans, when you’re going deep in the great outdoors. Here are some great educational outdoor activities, suggested by a Hertfordshire independent school.

child with leaf

Survival Skills

One fun yet educational activity you could explore with your kids outdoors is teaching them survival skills. This could be as simple as teaching them the appropriate clothes and shoes they should wear during each season, or if they’re a little old you could show them how to read a map.


Head to the woods and see if you can spot any unusual birds or animal tracks in the dirt. Teach your kids about the different trees and how we need them to survive; how they change during each season and how various animals create homes from them. When studying nature, the possibilities are endless.


Natural materials come in very handy when working on an art project. Collect flower petals, leaves, acorns and whatever else you think your child might be able to get a little creative with.

Grow Your Own

Why not set up your own little vegetable patch in the garden? Teach your kids which vegetables grow well during each season and show them how to be responsible for something, patient and persistent.

Unstructured Play

When you let your child play freely outside, you are allowing them to develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically, without even realising it. They get to exercise, get some fresh air and use their imagination all at once.

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