5 Fun Things You Can Do with Your Foster Children for Free This Summer

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Summer holidays can be an exciting yet challenging time for foster families. With five weeks off from school, it’s important to find enjoyable activities to keep the kids engaged and happy, preferably without breaking the bank. Here are five fun things you can do with your foster children this summer that won’t cost you a penny.

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Explore Local Parks and Playgrounds

One of the simplest ways to entertain kids during the summer is taking them to local parks and playgrounds, and you won’t need to use any of your fostering allowance from fcascotland.co.uk to do it! Most towns and cities have numerous green spaces with playground equipment, walking trails, and open grassy areas perfect for picnics, games, and playtime. Pack a lunch or snack and make a day out of exploring new parks. The fresh air and exercise will tire the kids out while giving them a chance to burn off energy. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Visit Free Museums and Galleries

Many museums and galleries in the UK offer free admission. Look up museums in your area and see which ones have free entry for kids and adults. Encouraging a love of arts, science, and history in your foster children can be done for free at the many museums across the country. Pack snacks, make a day out of the visit, and enjoy introducing them to new subjects and concepts through interactive museum exhibits.

Look for Local Story Times and Shows

From puppet shows to magic acts, many local libraries, bookstores, and community centres offer free performances and story times for children during the summer holidays. Ask your local librarian or check community centre websites for a schedule. This gives kids exposure to stories, performance arts, and literature in an entertaining way. Many feature story times and shows designed specifically for younger children.

Do Nature Crafts and Activities

Nature walks collecting leaves, sticks, rocks and flowers can provide hours of entertainment for children. Bring along a guidebook and see what interesting plants, trees and animals you can identify. Craft projects at home afterwards are a creative way to engage their curiosity about nature. Make crowns from flowers or arrange a bouquet in a vase for display. Create artwork by gluing items like leaves and petals to paper. The outdoors offers endless inspirations for crafts. 

Have Regular Play Dates

Setting up free play dates with other kids is a great way to socialise and entertain your foster children. Invite friends over for outdoor fun like water play, chalk drawing, or treehouse time. Offer healthy snacks to fuel their play. Share the fun by taking turns hosting play dates at each other’s homes to build community and give the kids special time with friends. This option works best if your foster child has a friend whose family is open to hosting them as well.

Making summertime memorable doesn’t have to be expensive. Parks, museums, libraries, play dates and simple crafts are easy ways to fill long holiday days. Get creative in planning free activities and you’ll find there are abundant options for fun right in your community.

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