5 Gifts for Minimalists for Conscious Living

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Have you ever had a minimalist reject your gift before? Don’t take it personally. Finding appropriate gifts for minimalists is definitely a challenge. Most minimalists abhor the consumer mentality, so they might not even believe in the idea of exchanging gifts.

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 However, if you’re determined to give your minimalist friends a gift, we suggest exploring practical, sustainable items, such as:

1. LastRound from LastObject

Cotton pads contribute to the country’s growing pollution problem. In fact, Americans heavily rely on cosmetic products, which explains why the country produces millions of tons of cotton-based waste per annum. People use them for various tasks, such as applying makeup and spreading facial toner.

If your minimalist friend still uses disposable cotton pads, introduce them to LastRound from LastObject. These are reusable, compostable cotton rounds made from 100% renewable raw materials—no plastics or chemicals involved.

A pack of seven rounds costs less than $20, but they would last you at least 1,750 uses. Going by the exact numbers, each LastRound cotton pad would replace at least 250 disposable pads if washed and used correctly.

Furthermore, the raw materials create a smooth, gentle texture. Even those with sensitive skin or specific conditions can use LastRound without worrying about infections and rashes. On the contrary, some people might find other faux cotton alternatives abrasive.

Apart from their sustainable, ethically sourced cotton pads, they also use safe ocean-bound plastic. You can ask LastObject for a refill once you exhaust your existing rounds.

2. Ebooks

Avid readers have a particular fondness for print books. While a new, unread book filled with unturned pages has a unique charm, it also harms the environment. Statistics show that around 15 billion trees are cut down annually to create books.

If your minimalist friend loves reading but feels guilty about the unsustainability of print books, try gifting ebooks. Nowadays, almost every book in existence has a Kindle version. Just head over to Amazon, search for the title, then select the “Give as Gift” button to send the ebook to your buddy.

Apart from being eco-friendly, these transactions happen instantaneously. Your recipient will get the Kindle book you purchased minutes upon payment confirmation.

3. Wooden Watch from Jord

Luxury watches made of precious metals convey power and status. However, mining the raw materials for these pieces exhaust massive amounts of oil, abuse natural terrains, and leak harmful chemicals into the environment. No sane minimalist would willingly use these watches.

If you want to give your minimalist friend a nice watch, consider the wooden watches from Jord. These gorgeous pieces rank among the most beautiful sustainable watches on the market. Each handcrafted watch relies on 13 different types of wood to achieve a sleek, stunning finish comparable to precious metals.

4. Sustainable Clothes from PACT

The problem with fashion trends is they coerce people into needlessly buying new outfits for the sole sake of staying updated. Most people nowadays wouldn’t be caught wearing the same clothes. Unfortunately, minimalists despise this type of wasteful consumer mentality, so prioritize functionality over vanity if you plan to gift clothes.

For instance, instead of getting an overpriced jacket from a well-known luxury brand, shop for sustainable clothes at PACT. They carry a wide range of basic shirts, tank tops, and undergarments. All of the pieces they sell consist of organic cotton and ethically sourced raw materials manufactured in energy-efficient, cruelty-free environments. In turn, making them great gifts for minimalists!

5. Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags from Lotus

Single-use plastic grocery bags contribute to the country’s growing waste problem. A local survey indicates that Americans send more than 100 million pieces of single-use plastic bags to landfills per annum. These would take decades, or even centuries, to decompose.

Fortunately, the risks associated with the use of plastic grocery bags have become quite widespread. Many states have even banned single-use plastic bags at grocery stores. Considering these factors, your minimalist friends likely already bring personal reusable bags during grocery runs.

However, using the same bags can become repetitive. You can help elevate your minimalist friends’ grocery shopping experience by providing them with new, modern Trolley Bags from Lotus.

Unlike standard reusable bags, these also double as trolley compartments. They allow you to neatly organize all the items in your shopping cart before you even reach the counter, thus further speeding up the checkout process.

Gifting Sustainable, Minimalist Items

Overall, the key to gifting minimalist items is functionality. Keep in mind that minimalists dislike clutter, so they will only accept gifts that serve a purpose. Expect them to reject items that offer little practical value—regardless of the price. They will prioritize practicality over vanity, so please don’t feel bad if a minimalist refuses to accept an expensive gift.

Also, choose regiftable items. As we mentioned before, minimalists hate clutter, so if they receive an unwanted or undesirable present, they will likely regift it to someone else.

If you still can’t figure out what your minimalist friend wants by now, the next best approach is to ask. Doing so will ruin the element of surprise, but at least you can guarantee that your recipient will actually use your gift.

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