5 Glamping Trip Items Everyone Forgets to Take

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Have you ever tried glamping? Glamping has become very popular in the last few years and it basically means glamorous camping. Glamping sites are popping up everywhere to take people on adventure in the heart of nature but a little less wild as traditional camping. Camping is not for everyone. It’s not for me, I know! However glamping has my name all over! It’s the yurt for me, surrounded by nature, kids running around, with marshmallows toasted over the flames – but comfortable beds and a glass of fizz! 

Not to mention, that glamping owners are now investing in various things that can make glamping more comfortable, like glamping toilets, that are waterless and hygenic. So, luckily glamping owners are investing in a clever composting toilet, which saves them money and also adds an extra layer of comfort for the glampers. It’s good not to stumble to the communal toilets in the dark of the night!

Packing for a glamping trip is also a lot easier as opposed to camping. You don’t need to load up your car with tents, stoves, and sleeping bags; but you do need to think ahead more than just stuffing things in your bag. There’s a list of items that you of course never forget to take like your toiletries, clothes and food – but there’s a few glamping trip items that are really handy and sometimes invaluable to have… but everyone forgets about them.


5 Glamping Trip Items Everyone Forgets to Take


Even when glamping – you’d want a headlamp or flashlight for finding your way to your way in the dark outside your yurt or caravan. It’s really essential and first time glampers tend to forget to pack it.

Power bank

Extra battery packs or power banks for your mobile phone if there isn’t an electrical outlet in your lodging. This isn’t always the case, but if you can’t find it out in advance, you still want to be prepared.

Warm indoor shoes

You often get some sort of a flooring (rather than just the bare grounds in your tent) and a better insulated accommodation when glamping, however the floor still might be quite cold so it’s good to take warm indoor shoes with you. At the same time, always pack a some warmer clothing as well.

Insect repellent

Just because your yurt is a lot more glamorous than a camping tent – that fact not going to keep the insects away! Nature is wild and everything has a place, just like mosquitos and flies. They all play an important role in biodiversity but it doesn’t mean you should let them bite you and you must be put up with itching for a week. Make sure your insect repellent is eco-friendly and use it!

First aid kit

To be fair, first aid kit needs to be in your car at all times but it’s easy to forget about it when you don’t have your car – like at glamping. Sometimes your glamping lodge has it, but in any case, just take your own kit because you never know!

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