5 Healthy And Mindful Habits To Pick Up For The Autumn

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All of a sudden it got chilly, hasn’t it? We have been enjoying some late summer sunshine for the first two weeks of September over here in. the UK, but now, it’s definitely time for Autumn to take its place. With Autumn and school start we’re looking into cooler and wet weather and of course colds and flus – apart from what we’ve been already hit in 2020. So let’s look into how can we gear up and stay healthy with some simple and positive change in our habits.

1 Eat healthy food

This cannot be stressed enough. We are what we eat! Autumn and Winter is great for big Sunday roasts and stews – generally all the comfort food, but they are not very healthy. Try to minimise your heavy food intake and swap them for seasonal veggies. Like butternut squash wellington and nut roast. Boost your immune system with fresh, seasonal veg and fruits. It will not only do good for your body but for your mood too! Eating local, seasonal food is also part of developing mindful eating habits.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

2 Don’t stop moving

And talking about mood: keep on exercising!  Choose to walk instead of driving or taking public transport (you’d rather want to avoid that anyway these days) or hop on the bicycle. During the lockdown I realised that just how much my daily school run walks mean! I didn’t give a thought about it before, but the daily 40 minutes walk made a huge difference. So like everyone else, I did put on weight too, not because of eating too much (well, maybe that too) but mainly because of the total lack of exercise. There’s a lot of ways to help the extra weight to shift: Orlistat can be one of them. So, yes, build walks into your routine and walk whenever you can! Enjoy moving, being in the moment!

3 Look after yourself

Getting enough sleep, time to relax and unwind is just as important as eating well and exercising when it comes to keeping healthy. Look after yourself and give yourself some time relax and do it every day! A nice bath, a good book, getting your other half to the chores of the evening and then swapping next day (we do this all the time!) and of course spending quality time together as a family. I know it sounds cheese: but be present in your own life and carve time out for yourself and for the things you want to do.

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4 Go outside

As long as there are no new restrictions this year, go outside and spend some time in nature. The beauty of the season. and the fresh air good for both body and soul. This will also get your daily step count up for sure! The weather is no excuse: just wrap up, get rainproof clothes and go! Besides, it’s not only lovely pottering outside in autumn, marvelling and collecting leafs and acorns with the kids but getting home and having a cup of hot tea after a big walk – just so nice! Being outside in nature has an incredibly grounding effect on the mind. Acknowledging the change as nature is preparing for its winter sleep and accepting the change is something that will help you cope with the changes in your own life as well.

5 Plan, look forward to something and practice mindfulness

These are always on my advice list for healthy habits. Without planning and looking forward to new and exciting things is hard to live. Even if things are so changeable these day and it can be frustrating having to cancel plans – still: draw up a new one and look forward to do it! I’m an optimist to the core and even though I do loose hope from time to time or get deflated because things aren’t work out. the way I wanted them: sitting down. and work out a new plan helps me to both digest when something goes wrong and picks me up. And this is part of the mindfulness I tend to practice whenever I get the opportunity. 

Do you have any tips for keeping healthy in autumn? 

5 Healthy And Mindful Habits To Pick Up For The Autumn

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