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5 Meaningful And Sophisticated Display Decoration Ideas

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I love meaningful decor ideas. The ones which are carrying a personal note, a spark of humour or showing some deeper taste. Whilst I like the idea of minimalism and decluttering, I still want to display my favourite objects at home because they reflect my taste and my most precious memories. I like it, when a home is decorated as a home – which somewhat goes against the current trend of spotless, minimalist but expensive look. But the thing is, in my opinion, that if you want to keep only a few things around and can’t stand clutter – the best to keep items which are close to your heart. 

Sophisticated decor ideas

Stop wasting, start expressing!

For me, there are two really good reasons displaying my favourite and meaningful objects. One is, that I will not get bored of it by looking at them. It will be something I don’t have to keep changing in every season. So essentially it stops me wasting money on disposable and cheap decor. Also, a few pieces you really like will always cheer you up, unlike a number of meaningless, trendy items. The other reason is that it expresses my personality. The essence of my taste, if you like it.

Photo and memory wall

I currently have a starter version of this in my kitchen – in the meantime, before getting new tiles. But I would really like to do this in my hall: an entire wall with some of my favourite photos and other memories like the children’s first drawings or letters or silly postcards we sent to ourselves from holidays. Photo and memory display features will be always trendy, because everyone loves looking at their favourite memories. It can be played out in a classic style, or a bit more modern: canvas or poster prints, but it will always catch the attention. If you would like to put memories on walls, you can print these memories on poster prints. It’s a super easy way to decorate, no hassle at all but it creates an impressive look. As a print, a very modern way of wall decorating, could be taken to another level even by applying filters or effects on the photo. Give it a go, it’s fun!

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Favourite books 

I love my books, I really hardly give any away and I definitely keep the ones I enjoyed reading. We just had to downsize our book collection sadly because we needed some extra space and I really didn’t like doing that. Reading corners, coffee tables are a great place to display favourite books or albums. Specially, if you have a beloved subject like fashion or travel, it’s a great way to express your interests.

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Art prints

Art prints are a lot more inexpensive than buying an original. So if you really like a picture, but you can’t afford it, a limited number print or a small serial number one is still a good investment as well as getting the actual picture you really like. You only need one piece and you can even make a new home completely your own by displaying a favourite print. I, for one, love vintage travel posters so we have a few of them.

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Travel treasures

A collection of travel memories, items you have bought when on holiday and are from different corners of the world, always go beautifully with literally everything in any room. Travel objects are so versatile and you can put them anywhere in the room. They will always cheer you up – because they will make you remember all the fun times you had whilst traveling.

Little globe decor

Collections and collectibles

If you have a small collection of objects you really adore: let them be seen and make them visible. I have seashells placed in glass jars which we have collected from all over the world. But it could be anything like colourful glass bottles, a cacti collection in the window, anything. The only rule is that they can’t take over the whole place or whole room. Try to concentrate them around one spot or corner: they would look better together anyway. Don’t scatter them around. For precious and valuable papers why not get custom folders printing to keep them safe?


  1. I love how organised you are and how beautiful you have decorated the displays. I have a pile of books next to my bedside and trust me it certainly does not look like yours! I will need to use the inspiration from your blog to make it look nice again.

    1. Author

      Thanks, haha, that’s not mine either they are stock photos 🙂 I wish I could do the pile of books, but at the moment i’m just dreaming about a neatly organised home with 2 children under 4!

  2. I can’t wait to move house and start decorating and getting all my books out. I also collect so much from our travels so looking forward to getting those out to display. Love these ideas.

    1. Author

      Thanks Nichola, I think they could work well for anyone, with any taste.

  3. These are some lovely ideas for ideas to display around the home that have a meaning behind them. We have quite a few pictures on the wall that have a lot of meaning behind them.

    1. Author

      Mine has to go in the hall too – small but I think it would work. Will see 🙂

  4. All of these interiors are so beautiful. I especially love the memory wall!

  5. I have a quote wall above my desk and im working on a memory wall in the living room. These ideas are so pretty and practical too!

  6. I like putting art prints on my wall. They are a good alternative to the original

  7. Travel treasures and favourite books on display are cute ideas! I have lots of little travel treasures that make perfect personal decorations.

  8. I love the stack of books with a candle on top! I am going to add that decor to my apartment today!

  9. I especially like the idea of art prints – we don’t like having too much ‘extra’ sitting around, but displaying something special on the wall is a great way to add a little something without having any clutter 🙂

  10. I always have my travel souvenirs on display in my home. I always try to choose tasteful ones so that they fit with my decor.

    1. Author

      The good thing about htem, that because they are travel memories, they match with almost anything in my view.

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