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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Leasing an Electric Car in 2022

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Leasing will serve you right if you are in the market for a new car. You will not worry about huge down payments, maintenance costs, and disposing of the vehicle when you want to acquire a new model. However, before rushing to a dealership and signing a car lease, you may need to pause and factor in certain aspects of the lease.

electric car bentley

At Bentley Lease Specials, we care about our customers. Read on to learn 5 mistakes you should avoid when leasing a car in 2022.

Failure To Check Your Monthly Allocation on the Lease

The monthly payment of your lease should top your list of inquiries when it comes to leasing a Bentley. You can get this information within 30 seconds on the lease calculator. A used Bentley will cost $1,500 per month, with the latest models worth over $300,000 costing 4,000 dollars per month.

Failure To Negotiate the Best Prices With Your Dealer

Most companies offer similar car models, and the prices are more or less the same. However, depending on your budget, you may want to go for the company that starts lower in the SUV class. Bentley Lease Specials has this available with its SUV class featuring V8 and v12, and the GT V8 being the least priced in its CPE models.

Failure To Check the Mileage

If you are working with a budget, you may be limited in terms of the options, in which case you will have to settle for an old model. On the other hand, Amazon leasing prefers cars with over $100,000 minimum worth of entry and exit options for the mileage, which determines their value. Hence, you should check what is available versus your financial capability before settling on a model depending on your budget.

Failure To Negotiate the Best Car Deal

In determining which car is the best to buy, you should check the best brands, level of depreciation, and resale value. Generally, the lease value will be good at the highest residual. The GT models and Bentayga will depreciate at 10% per year, while Mulsanne will depreciate at 12%.

Lease a Bentley With Ease

If you are looking for reliability, you will not go wrong with Bentley Lease Specials. The factory will honor its warranty agreements, and you will get quality cars. Therefore, avoiding the above mistakes by factoring in the mileage, maintenance cost, and monthly payments will ensure sustainability when leasing your next car in 2022.

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