5 Most Picturesque Road Trips in Australia

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I have lived in Australia for over a year not so long ago and I keep planning to visit again, especially the places where I used to live: the Gold Coast and Brisbane as I absolutely loved it there! I found it not only beautiful and I mean some parts truly, breathtakingly gorgeous, but I also loved it for it’s climate and the friendly Australians I was lucky enough to make friends and work with. It would be lovely to visit again with my family and show them around all the places I know. But I also want to discover other parts of Australia too, where I have never been before and what’s better for really getting to know a place then road tripping? We drive on most of our holidays, quite a lot in fact, so the kids are used to it. It’s impossible to take a flight to everywhere. Even in Europe: when you land in Paris and want to see Normandy you’ve got to get there somehow. Some of the best places of the world are a good few hours drive from the nearest airport. This is especially true in the case of Australia, being a continent itself and one of the biggest countries on the planet. I actually went as far as planning as putting together a list of the most amazing road trips based on where I already been in Australia and some other other ones I wish to visit. I even checked prices for camper trailer here. And if you are planning a similar multi-stop road trip, learn how to plan your road trip efficiently

5 Most Picturesque Road Trips in Australia

5 Most Picturesque Road Trips in Australia

Pacific Coast in Queensland and New South Wales

This had to be the on the top of my list having spent most of my time there when I lived in Australia. But ask an Australian really, what’s the most beautiful place in the country. A lot of them will say the Reef – by that referring the the Great Barrier Reef on the coast of Queensland. The Pacific Coast is around 900 kilometres coastal drive from Sydney to Brisbane through the Central Coast. Extending the route by an extra 4 hours to the north – you’re reaching The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. On your trip you can see the Australia you see in movies: surfers and beach bars, charming little towns and stretchy beaches with enormous waves sparkling in the bright sunshine. Stop to visit the Hermitage Food and Wine Trail, surf on sand dunes and of course visit the Reef. The are also numerous national parks, marine and wildlife parks to visit.

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Photo by Jodi Nelson on Unsplash

Darwin to Uluru

This is a perfect Australian outback trip, it’s around 2000 km long, driving through Katherine, Alice Springs and King’s Canyon. When starting from Darwin, make sure you don’t miss out some famous sights in and around Darwin, as it’s a paradise for nature lovers. This road trip takes you from the tropical and green Northern Territories to the Red Centre outback territories of Ayers Rock. On the way, visit the Litchfield National park with its waterfalls, limestone caves, hot springs, aboriginal cultural sites and even meteorite craters. This route offers a wonderful, diverse landscape and shows such a fantastically different faces of Australia. 

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Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

Gibb River Road in Western Australia

This is a road trip to make if you’re looking for the true Australian wilderness. The Gibb River Road is 700 km long, beginning near Derby and ending near Kununurra. A lot to see on the way, especially if you are true nature lover: gorges, waterfalls, Baobab trees and unique, nowhere else to find aboriginal rock arts. Two important things to keep in mind though, before hitting the Gibb River Road are: the road is often closed due to flooding during the wet season (November through March) and that there are not many fuel stations are to find, so the petrol is expensive. This is a fantastic outback trip for real adventurers.


Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Broome to Perth

This is a long one, but nevertheless picturesque. The coastal route is 2400 km long. This route takes you through three National Parks: Nambung National Park with the Pinnacles (limestone formations in the desert, the Kalbarri National Park and the Karijini National Park. The famous Shark Bay are also on this route. Western Australia is filled with exceptional natural beauty: gorges, natural harbours, serene beaches. Perth itself also worth a few days: it has 19 beaches to sit and relax or surf and plenty of local wines to taste. Broome at the other end of the trip is a smallish town but a multicultural melting pot and holiday hub.

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Photo by Josh Spires on Unsplash

Great Alpine Road in Victoria

Being just over 300 km long, it’s the shortest on the list, nevertheless very interesting and different from the rest of Australia, because, you know, it’s a rarity: an alpine route in Australia. Many people who has never visited don’t even realise, that the country has some lovely mountains. It’s a perfect one or two day trip visiting Mount Buffalo National Park and its unique rock formations, exploring historic villages built on the wealth of the gold rush of the 1800s, taste the local wine. If you like to stop for cycling, climbing or camping – this is a fantastic place for it.


Photo by Steve Bittinger on Unsplash

If this has awakened the travel bug in you, what are you waiting for? Australia is best experienced on the road, so you can take all the time you need to soak up the sights.

Get your travel essentials ready. And remember, Australia is a sun-soaked continent for the most part. Pick out appropriate clothes, bring your best camera with lots of storage memory, and stock up on sunscreen. But don’t forget about your car as well. After all, it’s the one thing that will get you to all these fantastic places. Get a durable dashboard cover that can prevent glare and sun damage like cracks and fading. When parked, throw on a car cover to protect it from the elements or use sun shades to keep the interior cool.

Which of the routes above seem the most exciting to you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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